Guzaarish : Hrithik all the way !

The first thing I always watch out for in a SLB movie, is sheer visual delight. And he never disappoints. Guzaarish has stunning visuals of Goa the way it was never shot earlier. Was discussing the same with @rotikapadarum earlier in morning about how SLB would give a different take of Goa. Well, though being a man of Gorgeous sets, SLB do not go out for more shots, but whatever has been shot outdoor, it looks wonderful. Kudos Sudeep Chatterjee - the cinematographer.

So wonderful are the sets too. But somehow, I found it a leftover of larger than life sets of Saawariya. Even the color scheme. But must admit, all the magic sequences are outstanding. Tera zikr and Udi are the best shot songs of the year. Talking about songs [this review is going 'ulta' no?] there are hardly 'full' songs in this one unlike any other SLB movie [except Black]. Just a few lines here and there. Only two-Tera zikr and Udi are there. And man, what choreography ! I was literally clapping [and wanted to dance] to the beats of 'Udi'. Such a lively song on screen. 'Enjoyed' Aish's performance in that. Oh, and watch out for a 'real' song sung by Hrithik - Life is wonderful - did make everyone in audience cry. Bravo !

Performances are of course - great ! Hrithik steals the show with just his facial expressions. Just think - he does not have any opportunity to move any part of body except his face, how tough it is to act, to perform like that is really really tough. Credit goes to director too for such portrayal.

I am not a fan of Aishwarya, but somehow there are some directors who know how to present her such beautifully, how to get her act, and SLB is the one who knows that. She looks stunning in each frame [what costumes !!] , acts well in such short portions she's been given in otherwise 'all hrithik' film.

It would not be fair if we say Shernaz Patel-a supporting actress. No. She was 3rd lead in the movie. Flawless. And with a really short screen time, Monikangna Dutta catches eyes. And Aaditya Roy Kapoor- surprisingly good. Did I forget the always adorable Nafisa Ali? <3

Though having a serious subject, the movie does not have any dull moment. Even the climax which makes you cry, you have feelings of both - happy/sad ness. For fans of SLB [and even for non fans-for Hrithik], a must watch, who like great production values, good music score and superlative performances, Guzaarish is for you !

My Rating : 4/5

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  1. yeah this is great! i'll try to get this one, and watch it soon,, :)

  2. what a dramatic film :)

  3. @nisa Wud like to know your views.

    @toromorphosis indeed.

  4. I loved the muvee. Every frame is like a painting.

  5. b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!

    i went in with zero expectations, courtesy sawariya... and thats probably why i louved it all the more!

    do share your thoughts!

  6. George15:26

    Faltu movie... I didn't like it at all.....


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