Ab Ayega Mazaa (1984) Farooq Sheikh FilmFest

Madness continues at my place with Farooq's fabulous comedies. Movies so simple and so funny. Here is second installment.
Ab Ayega Mazaa directed by Pankaj Parashar is another movie, where Farooq Sheikh plays loser. Who is not good with girls or even having problems with his work. [don't go by this hillarious screencap!! :D]

I had little bit high expectations from this movie, cause most recent movie I watched of same genre was Chashme Buddoor, which is a classic. So this one I felt, falling short, a little bit. But as an overall product, this is again, a sweet little harmless movie, that you can look forward to. Here are some here there caps and thoughts and summary of storyline.
The movie opens up with this funny sequence of a graveyard, where Ramesh [Raja Bundela] a colleague of Vijay [Farooq Sheikh] is trying to sell land for- Grave. Yes Grave :D

No doubt, it was a dream. Vijay wakes up, there is Rajju [Satish Kaushik] playing his housekeeper.And Vijay asks him a silly question, only to find silly answer !!

Just like Chashme Buddoor, here too he is dealing with his two wheeler, which doesn't starts at one kick at all. And a reason, he reaches his office late, daily.

Oh, our hero does a job too. And as always he is a bigtime loser. Vijay works for an ad agency, where Boss always fires at him. Ramesh, takes initiative and poor Vijay is left amazed.
[The entire setup of Ad Agency, reminded me of Jhankaar Beats, where the backdrop is used excellently]

While Ramesh, is not that bad at all. He is kind of a stud. Always looking for an excuse to meet with a girl. He teaches Vijay how to get a girl, and get a life. But Vijay, is always way above all of his talk.
[Raja Bundela had got great sense of styling, I must admit that]

See here, 'jahan ladki dekhi ki ho gaye lattoo...'

Even at hospital, he didn't spared nurse too. And see name of the nurse !! :D

Finally, his day has come. Vijay gets to meet a girl-by chance of course.

Dazed by beauty of Nupur [Anita Raj] !!

[man, what a time it was, buses were never on time, and so low frequency of buses, so much time to spend at the bus stops !!]
The ever confusing sequence. Whether to look at her or not........
See four different expressions of both.

And the result of above......Bang !! Vijay makes it up instantly that he has this childhood problem of getting weakness at times.

But somehow, Vijay gets to get with Nupur, who actually was waiting for her car. She gives him lift, and he goes blah blah about girls. Nupur invites him at her home to meet her dad-who is a homeopathy practitioner.

And so happy he is, gets home and tells Rajju everything. Totally losing his control.

Now it has started. Calls to each other, fixing meetings.
[to hell with mobiles, telephones rocked !!]

Vijay reches at her home. There a hillarious piece of dialogue. Spoken by servant of Nupur's home. See this...

Very first meeting, that too with girl's dad. Oh oh....this man has guts.. isn't he? Nupur's dad is quite a big businessman, living a luxurious life. Having much imported stuff around. And that, is a matter of concern for some people [in later stage]

Nupur does theatre as her hobby. Resulting regular visits of Vijay at auditorium.Here she tells one interesting line 'Everyone amongst us, acts in their lives. At office, he acts as an employee, infront of wife he acts as husband, in front of mother he acts as a son....'
And money, as always is a problem for our Vijay. See..

But how about this?? Nupur is quite shocked when Vijay asks him for a lift.....

Only to find out later...................this :D

Drumroll.......................there comes Sidey [Ravi Baswani] a foreign returned guy, son of Vijay's boss....

And childhood friend of Nupur ...[now that's what i call a connection !]. Both gel up very well together. And Sidey, is kind of glued up to Nupur....he goes wherever she goes.

And ends up in theatre as well. Where Vijay feels really insecure....

and jealous of Sidey....

And feels very same like the girl who is left out in this poster :)

Poor Vijay, returns home....where his friends cheer him up....

And story is going different way for sidey too.....though Nupur is a childhood friend, she prefers Vijay instead. And plays pranks on Sidey, to get rid of him.

And of course, run around trees and sing songs.............
[p.s.: what does 'Aabshaar' means?]

And not to forget...the all time favorite 'two' flowers enjoying each other's company :-P

But as it always happen, some misunderstandings takes place between the two, and both Nupur walks away from him....

Things are shaping up differently at other side. Vijay's boss is basically working with a smuggler Swamiji [Girja Shankar]. Who is keen on having a special idol, which is lying at Nupur's dad's place.

Boss tries lot. But fails everytime. So frustated Swamiji, finally takes out his last big card. that his daughter [sidey's sister] is alive and to get her back, he must bring that idol.

That's the story. Will Nupur get back to Vijay? What will happen to that idol? Is sidey's sister really alive?? That's the storyline, the movie goes further on. And resulting in funny sequences. Some hillarious dialogues. And finally..............they lived happily ever after [what else?!]

This is another film, from low budget Eighties comedies. It is not great as others. But it has its moments. Like the scooter ride of Vijay. The telphone talks. The bus stop sequences and much more. Anita Raj looks lovely in each scene. All actors does their job very well. Even a surprising but short role of Satish Kaushik is also promising.
By the way, this is perhaps my first movie of Anita Raj. I think I have seen her movies as a child, which I can't remember at all. But she looks really lovely. See her in following caps........

Some cameos were also there. See below, can you identify that girl in hands of Swamiji - young Himani Shivpuri??

Also, Pawan Malhotra, recently seen in Delhi 6....

I hope you all are enjoying these posts, as I am enjoying these sweet little classics....


  1. I didn't know Farooq did many more comedies in the '80's plus whatever happened to Anita Raj, i watched lots of her movies as a kid as well. The one i remember the most is Ilzaam


  2. Just curious: Do you own this on VCD, or do you have the DVD? The reason I'm asking is because I wanted to get the DVD when I saw it listed at Nehaflix, but it was an Eagle DVD, and those skip and freeze like crazy(or don't play at all), so I didn't want to waste my money on something I knew would be defective.

    The main reason I want to watch it is because of Anita Raj. These days, she usually appears at any fitness-related event(e.g. gym openings), and the pics are on sites like filmicafe.com and bollywoodhungama.com.

  3. Wow! I may have to watch this for Anita Raj!! Thanks the review and caps.

  4. bollywooddeewana Oh, Farooq did numerous good comedies in 80's. I heard that Katha is one of his best work ever. And Anita-this is my first movie of her. And I am flattered !!

    lapetitediva Welcome to my blog. About your query, you will be disappointed but this is also an Eagle Video copy :-( But yes, its a VCD, a very old one. I rented from nearby shop.

    Nicki You are welcome. Love Anita too...

  5. Anonymous23:40

    I love this movie. Oh sorry, I love Anita Raj. Nice review.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Haven't seen this. Need to correct the situation sometime soon.
    BTW Darshit, it is Ravi Baswani(not Vivek Baswani) :)
    And Pawan Malhotra will always be remembered as Tiger Memon in Black Friday.

  8. Thanks Sujoy for pointing that out. Typing mistake ;-)

    And yeah, Pawan is a good actor. Wish he got more offers.

  9. I haven't seen this one (any idea if it's available online? I won't be able to get the VCD right now). The movie looks very polished from the screencaps! And that "confusing sequence" looks damn funny! ;)

    I really want to watch all the Farooq Shaikh movie now..thanks to your posts!

  10. Not as good as Chashme Buddoor? Sounds like Laakhon Ki Baat which I bought because it had Farooq Shaikh, Sanjeev Kumar and was made by Basu Chatterji, but that too didnt quite recreate the magic of Chashme Buddoor! You should try Kisi Se Na Kehna and Yahan Wahan for better Farooq comedies. I vaguely remember watching and liking one Farooq Shaikh-Anita Raj comedy on DoorDarshan - loooooong ago. Maybe this was it. I'll look out for it and try to keep my expectations low!

  11. Bhargav DVD is available everywhere. Including Nehaflix. Yes, that scene at bus stop [I think you are talking about it] is quite funny. Also it includes ____[sorry don't wanna spoil it :D]

    Really? I wanna know what other bloggers think about Farooq..I haven't read much stuff abt him. So definitely looking fwd wht you feel about these movies.

    Bollyviewer Oh, what worked most in Chashme Buddor, was its Romcom plot. The cute lovestory held it together. While here it was somewhat forced. But still this is a nice watch, for once. Miss Chamko is incompareble.

    And oh, my next is about Lakhon Ki baat. Actually I liked it over this one. But again, no comparison with CB. It has quite different storyline roaming around a funny plot. And surprise appearances at the end. Loved that most. Next Wed. I will put up that [haven't screencapped yet !!!]

    And yes, Low expectations !! It helps always...

  12. Tee-hee. I love the comic book format! And it *does* keep those expectations nice and low. ;-)

  13. Anonymous12:49

    Thanks a lot for noticing it Ajnabi. Actually I had an old VCD which didn't have subtitles ! That's why this idea came to my mind. And as I was going further, I was enjoying putting those baloons. So be prepared for more comic books LOL :-)

  14. I saw this movie yesterday and fell in love with it. Anita Raj she looks so sweet.... The bus stop scene,is one of the best of a boy meeting a girl.

  15. Hey Maverick,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, Anita is so sweet. Especially in that busstop scene, both look really good. And funny, remember why Farooq bangs with that pole? thats ROFL.

  16. I just want to know the actress "name" in this film as Imati with whom sidey fall in love.She is in the pic in the jeep.Actually this lady also done a lot of hindi serial.If anybody know then let me know at arijitcb@gmail.com.Thanks for this great detail review of the film.

  17. Anonymous11:51

    this film was shot in my father's house in Sunder Nagar in Delhi! how cool is that?!! :D

  18. Ravi Vaswani was at his best in this movie his spectacled cross eye,foriegn return hindi and the comic timing was the best part of this movie (Also see his Jaane Bhi do Yaron). Anita Raj was sweet,naughty and innocent at the same time. Her Raja tere raste se hat jaoongi performance has remained one of my boyhood favourites.

  19. aabshaar is a urdu word means waterfall

  20. Imati actress: Actual name Vineeta Malik


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