Wake Up Sid : Movie Review

meets Taare Zameen Par meets Rock On meets Luck By Chance. Add some more freshness in terms of simple screenplay and dialogues and fantastic visuals - that's Wake Up Sid!! And the former sentence is not criticism but actually a complement. Cause all the movies are so great and is treating little bit similar subject that comparisons will definitely be there. But still, the movie stands on it own.

Its a story about Siddharth Mehra a spoilt brat living without any inhibitions. He gets to learn his lessons when he fails in life for the first time. And as all know, failure is a key to success [yup, the line is overused, but...] Konkona plays Aisha a girl who wants to be independent, on her own, and that's why she has come to Mumbai. I think this role looks a bit like extension to her role in Luck By Chance. Many sequences do remind me of that. But all is forgiven though. Cause it is not intended.

Movie deals with the fine line area of getting matured suddenly after fun years of college. It is hard for many people. Including me. I and most of us have that Sid inside them, which never goes out. 'Sid' tells them to do whatever they 'want' to do in life. But the fact is, that most of us end up doing the regular stuff cause its 'life' that doesnt allow us to do so. Also in other case shown here, some spoilt brats are fed with silver spoons that they cant see harsh realities, making them hiding from it. I don't care attitude developes there. Ranbir shows this mixed bag dillema quite well. I liked his earler both movies too, not a big fan of him but yes, he does act well. He is so sweet as Sid. Who is outspoken, tells whatever he feels.

Though Konkona is playing a little similar role to LBC, she is really good. I know this is a regular complement for her. Cause she is so consistent. Please give her all awards yaar, cause this year she has been so fantastic. [so was she in Metro too..]. How more 'droolable' it can get then having Koko on Marine Drive to chat with?? :)

Supporting actors -friends -Naved (Namit Das) and Nikki(Shikha Talsania) and Anupam Kher are quite ok. But Supriya Pathak won me over her touching performance. A mom who tries to learn English, just to befriend with her son! Loved her.

A huge credit goes to the production design [Amrita Mahal Nakai]. The movie looks Fantastic on screen. Thanks to cinematography Anil Mehta for some fabulous shots of Mumbai - the good 'old' mumbai. Baylon Fonseca's out and out fabulous sound design makes it worthy too. Dialogues and screenplay has kept the movie surprisingly simple. There aren't any preachy lines or typical situations which one expects from such movie. And that makes worthy. Overall treatment by Ayan Mukherji -the director is quite well handed, that it doesn't look like a first timer's flick.

[correct me if i m wrong] Amit Trivedi works WONDERS with his awesome background score. There are so many tracks in the movie which are not there in the Album. I loved all of them. I hope producers will come out with Background score CD too. The melodious 'Iktara' comes in a Punjabi version too. Its absolutely heart warming. Loved all the moments involving the song. And how can I forget my fav SEL! Their songs fits perfectly in the movie. They truly are the Guitar Kings of Bollywood.

All in all, its one heart warming story which inspires you without being preachy. Not a 'great' stuff but, nice commendable honest effort which haven't gone wrong. Must Watch it!!

My Rating : 3.5 / 5
Favorite scenes : Koko's B'day, Mumbai rains, Vey Malang tera Iktara...
Rewatch : Yes, but on DVD.

[and yeah, for all Mumbai lovers, who are not living in the city right now and missing it, you should not miss this :)]


  1. Watching WUS in another three hours! :D Will be back here and don't forget to check out my review. Cheers!

  2. Oh no!! Your combination of films are all ones I didn't like... (except Rock On!!, which was great!)

    I guess I'm sticking with Do Knot Disturb this weekend. :)

  3. Yay!!! A film to look forward to. Just saw What's Your Rashee and posted a dismal review. Anyways, will have to check this one out! Love Konkona and am quite fond of Ranbir. Plus no one warms the heart like Karan Johar.

  4. A gr8 review yaar :)
    will surely give it a watch...

    i liked Ranbir in his previous flick as a playboy ,by ur review i'm sure he has repeated his good work :)

    keep blogging

  5. I think it only updates Lakshya, unmixed with any of the others, and makes a much more interesting film. Its also probably the ONLY Hindi film with a successful romance between a younger guy and an older woman - and the best part is that the film does NOT make a big deal about the age difference between the couple, only in their maturity level.

    I too loved all the Mumbai shots, though it stretched my suspension of disbelief to see any part of Mumbai as deserted as it was in the last scene!

  6. Bhargav Saikia
    Well, I read your Tweet abt it. Glad you liked it. Waiting for your post.

    Filmi Girl
    OMG!! You din't like most of them??? But still, i would recommend you to go for this. If not for Ranbir, then for Koko. She's stupendous. And I think you should avoid DKD, nothing seems promising innit.

    Oh, you will love the movie. Sad about WYR. I think the movie is for certain people. It doesn't hold universal appeal. I have noted that most of us, Gujarati People, have liked that movie!!

    Yes, absolutely right. No one warms heart like KJo does. He must be a brand ambassador for tissues ;)

    Thanks man. Ranbir is quite good since his first movie. I am liking the boy after each movie. Lets hope, Yashraj has something different for him in Rocket singh.

    That's the point yaar. Perfect observation. Even there is a scene - confrontation between his mom and konkona. There it sets the tone, that the movie is different. No cliche. Thats really a plus point.

    Ah, the last scene. Ha!! I too wonder what must be time when Asin said yes to Aamir at that place and Munna gave Jaadoo ki jhappi to Circuit??!! :-D

  7. So is it worth a trip to the theater or should I see it on dvd?

  8. Anonymous14:26

    Saw this movie on screen last night.. it was fresh and energetic. Pretty predictable but worth the time and money to a theater. The lead pair acted well but the "Stand Out Performance" was that of Supriya Pathak - ultra sweet... Honest review buddy! Liked it a lot

  9. Pitu Sultan
    Sorry Sultan saab for late reply. actually Blogger ate my earlier comment. But I think Its worth going to theater for fabulous music. But if you have 'mast' home theatre, then wait for DVD.

    Welcome to my blog.
    Yes, the freshness is all around in the movie. And interesting but I too liked Supriya's character a lot. She's forever likable.

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  11. Anonymous15:47

    "I too liked the movie....Rather I quite agree with the review posted here.
    Wake Up Sid - growing up is not all that bad"

  12. Thanks for the link Anonymous

  13. Anonymous20:12

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  14. hey i guess m pretty late to reply to this post, but I just came across this while searching for WUS background score.... do lemme noe if u find it anywhere... . I'm desperately looking fr it... :)

  15. I too am in search of its BG score. and Asking KJo who is on Twitter to release it. But lets see if he does that. The Background music is really good.

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  17. Anonymous11:13

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  18. I like to see that movie, I tend always movies that deal with youth issues, I think Wake Up Sid is a good choice for this weekend.


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