Kurbaan : First Trailer

Frankly speaking, I have got tired of movies based on terrorism. Gosh! can't we move on and make something new? Okay, no doubt most of the movies are really good. But I think somewhere we shall put a coma, or fullstops to such stories....anyways. [see the lineup? New York, Kurbaan and then MNIK..]

One thing everyone is noticing is : Bebo and Saif looks Hawt!! Hot!! they look so much in love in this one rather than their earlier pairings. Though the trailer reminds bits of Fanaa.And the song has beats similar to 'khuda ya khair' [the village version from Billu]. Sonu Nigaam is back :) with music of Salim Suleiman. ...Lets see, what KJo has in stores.

Here's the trailer released with Wake Up Sid, this friday.


  1. Not so excited after looking at the trailer... I'm actually exhausted after looking at Saif-Kareena so much!

  2. It seems sort of like Fanaa meets New York to me. I'll definitely watch it, but I am not super excited for it.

  3. MrNarci
    Ah, my case is different. I am not excited for the movie but am excited for the leading pair. Cause they've never looked so much in chemistry before this. :) I know there is an overdose of both of them, even on TV too.

    Bollywood Rocks
    Oh, yes, the bits looks similar to New York too. Lets pray KJo has something different to offer. I wish it will be good cause after all, Rensil D'silva is from the school of Rang De Basanti!!

  4. Sometimes, I wish our filmmakers collaborated more to spread the rollout of similar (at the high-level) themed films across several more months, but then, Kurbaan and MNIK are by the same director! =)

    As I was saying on Twitter, really quite looking forward to Kurbaan's music. And of course, Saifeena.

  5. A definite hangover of FANAA and NEWYORK. Im Annoyed they've sidelined Vivek here too, the entire focus is on the Saif/Kareena Jodi (getting boring!). Thankfully Om Puri is here.

    BTW love the blog. have added you to my blogroll here


  6. theBollywoodFan
    I think MNIK is directed by Kjo and this one is by Rensil [RDBian]. So lets hope for something good. And ah, Saifeena!! Saif in Pathaani suit !!!

    Oh, after watching the trailer for two times, I could notice Viveik. I was a fan of him in his earlier days. But Saifeena is definitely looking better in this one.

    Thanks for complements. Will be visiting your blog soon. :)


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