3 Idiots : First Poster

Just can't wait to see my favorite novel on big screen. That too, with my fav stars Aamir Khan, Bebo, Madhvan and Sharman Joshi. Here's a snap of poster posted by @abhshk which originally was posted to Orkut's 3 idiots community. [Gosh!! Orkut is of some use haan?]

Meanwhile, news is in the air that Aamir has a Facebook account named Pucca Idiott. But that FB profile has nothing identical that we can believe it is Aamir's page. Damn you news channels. Or if it IS owned by him, Please, Will the really 'social' Aamir, Please stand Up!!!!

Update : And, here is the original poster. Loving the chair :P


  1. Nice! I want a chair like that :D

  2. LOVE the poster. What a fun idea for a chair!
    I am so looking forward to this movie. I haven't read the novel so I don't really know what it's about, but it's an Aamir film and that's about all it takes for me!
    That would be very cool if he actually did have a real facebook page.

  3. This should be a lot of fun! Part of me wishes it was Aamir with Saif and Akshaye...jagmagaate hain jhilmilaate hain apne raaste. =)

    Thanks for sharing this. You beat Rajeev Masand on Twitter by like 3 days, LOL.

  4. Abhishek10:32

    awesomeeee....m really waitin for it..hey better poster is on indiafm....n pray to god dat it wil not like hello......

  5. Bhargav & shell

    That chair is really intersting. There must be a huge demand of the design by now.

    Shell, I think it is better now 'not' to read the novel. Cause I've heard Hirani has made lot of changes to the story. So if one has read the novel, he might get confused between two stories. Besides that, yes, after all - its an Aamir film. :)


    Oh, that would've been 'Mazedaar' casting. But I have doubts if Khanna can make it to college dude. Aur, there is only one DCH, naa? meanwhile, if its sequel is to be made, what do u think where the story will go?


    Thanks dude for the info. Just updated the post. And yes, I too pray that it does not turn out to be a disaster like Hello. It was like killing the book.


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