I'm Famous !!!

Well, I am fighting with my PC these days . It has been days since it is down. So Blogging from Office, just to shout out about WebNeeTech.com ; for selecting me to do an interview with them. I am honored Absolutely.

Here are excerpts from it...

Darshit Joshi, a Mechenical engineer by profession, loves discussing about movies and music, especially Hindi movies and this desire encouraged him to start his own blog in March 2005, where he can discuss and share his thought, reviews and experience about movie, music and some personal stuff.

The blog http://dunkdaft.blogspot.com focus area is on Hindi movies, music and some personal stuff like his travel experience.

In an interview with WebNeeTech, Darshit shared his journey as a blogger and word of advice for the new bloggers.

You can read full text here......


  1. This is a really cool interview, dude. Once again, thanks very much for the mention!

    A suggestion: You might want to try to add a section in the horizontal link bar near the top, something like 'About Me', where this would be a perfect fit.

  2. Congratulations Darshit, i've just read your interview, it was a great read

  3. good interview. nice questions and equally nice answers. Why don't you do something more professionally? Your blog is an excellent movie review blog and so much info..try to do some good SEO and earn little money...it will motivate you further.

  4. theBollywoodFan
    Yes, I have been thinking of putting 'about me' but didn't find much words to write. Now the questionnaire made me write so many things. So I must put it. Thanks for suggestion.

    And u'r always welcome man.

    Thanks a lot for your kind words.

    Thanks dude. Actually, I work in a different field. So it is really tough to get time for blogging. Otherwise I would 'love' to be professional about it. Also coming months will be extreme busy for me to keep it up. So there..Thanks for suggestion.

  5. Congrats Darshit! I takes a while to get such a strong follwing, I hope one day to have as many people read me. Love your blog and think that you, my dear, are just terrific! Keep it up!!!!

  6. Oh, shell Big complement there. Thanks a lot. I think I'm not that great. I still have to improve. :)


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