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'Shukran Allah Wal-hamdulillah..' The phrase which surely get stuck in your head after listening to 'Kurbaan' soundtrack. Its really gorgeous yet so much BollyLove Song. Brilliant opening track of album by Salim-Sulaiman. Shreya and Sonu both gives their sweetest vocals to it along with magical Shukran Allah chanted by Salim. Many will find similarity between Fanaa's Subhan Allah and Shukran Allah, which is but natural. Cause that phrase was also composed by same guys, not Jatin-Lalit. Also Fanaa's Background score was by Salim-Suleiman too. [thanks Mustansir Mamawala for reminder] So, traces will definitely be here.

By the way, thanks to @theBollywoodFan - I can now understand what the phrase means. 'Shukran Allah - Thanks a Lot my Lord' and 'Wal-hamdulillah' - meaning 'and graces of (and thanks be to) Allah (i.e. God)'.

Dua starts with fast paced beats giving hint of a dance floor track, but soon it turns out in Sufi mood with Kailash Kher, Sukhwinder Singh on board. Sprinkled with some English lyrics sung by Marianne DCruz Aiman, it ends up as a well composed nicely sung foot tapping yet Sufi, track.

Opening with sound of darkness, Ali Maula promises a fantastic listening ahead. Salim Merchant gets in Sufiana mood for this slow dark track with tough Urdu lyrics. [just can't understand some yet] It haunts for a long time after listening to it. The track repeats as a remix which sounds similar to the remixes of movie Fashion.

After giving addictive haunting track in Fashion-[Mar Jaava], Shruti Pathak is here again with her rustic classical singing. Rasiya serves as heavily sensuous yet sober track. There are continuous sounds of Tic Tic of a clock and breaths of a lady [Bebo?]. Also Kareena utters a 'sher' very interestingly. There must be flames on screen. :)

The only glitch in album comes in last track and disappointing is - its the title track. Kurbaan Hua sounds exactly like Nazara Hai from 8x10 Tasveer which is also composed by the same duo. Also the same singer, Vishal Dadlani is used here. Which makes it more annoying. A big disappointment for rather nice ensemble of tracks.

For a Thriller, Kurbaan packs in some really nice tracks. Will be interesting to see what Salim-Suleiman has in stores for Background Score. Cause they have been doing great BG scores this year-Love Aaj Kal & Wanted and Fashion last year.

My Rating : 3 / 5
My Picks : Shukran Allah, Ali Maula.


  1. That was fast! I like Shuqran Allah and Ali Maula...but after listening to the album a few times..I felt it was pretty average. Could have been better.

    I need to update my blog man..been very busy lately.

    Anyway, Happy Diwali :-)

  2. Yup, this one is fast. kabhi kabhi keeda lag jaata hai, to get ranked high on Google's search page :P

    I am listening the songs since yesterday, but found them really engaging. Let me see.

    Oh, yes, I have been missing your 'kadak' reviews. :) also u have stopped posting about the power list.

    Happy Diwali to you too. :)

  3. I feel like I can barely keep up with all the new music coming out. I just finally got to listen to Blue (thanks to theBollywoodFan's giveaway). Is this available to listen to yet at saavn or iTunes? Good lord, I feel behind!

  4. I'm with Shell--so many soundtracks, so little time, and so many of them good! Well, that's one of the many reasons we love Bollywood, hai na?

  5. shell & ajnabi

    Thats right. Too many soundtracks and even films are coming together in next couple of months. I feel exhausted too. Cause I wanna listen to all of them :P I am super worrried for 3 idiots because of these. Cause I hope audience will not get fed up of movies. But hey, as Ajnabi has put in - its one of the reason we love our very own Bollywood :)

    Shell, its not available yet on other sites But good old Youtube has it here. All related videos has all tracks.

  6. I might be in the minority here, but Kurbaan's music is really quite subpar and ordinary. Not too impressed at all, FWIW.

    So Salman has 3 films (including Wanted) in 6 weeks, Bebo has 4 in 10. Add to it all the other movies that are releasing between Diwali and Christmas and through Eid. Love it!!! 3 Idiots will be the icing on the cake. :)

  7. PS: I do like 'Ali Maula', though, it's authentic! And it's always a pleasure to listen to Sonu and Shreya together. And is it just me, or does Bebo sound like Rekha in Rasiya?

  8. theBollywoodFan

    ..and you know what? This year Bebo has worked with all 4 khans + Akki...!!!! Go Bebo Go!!

    Yes, its really a celebration time. I hope I could catch them up all, cause you know wht I have on 8th Dec? :P But I will make it sure to catch 3idiots before anyone else does. hehe.

    Talking about Ali Maula, I found it really interesting with some words which I do not understand at all. The feel is dark and gritty which makes it more interesting. Bebo sounded to me more like Kajol in 'Mere haath mein'. Was about to jump when she said '....ke ho jaaye......' i thought 'fanaa' but soon she said 'Imaan Ek' !!!

  9. I liked the title song Kurbaan Hua...and Ali Maula also good

  10. Ali maula and Shukran are very good

  11. Hi, Vemula and Asma

    Thanks for your picks. and welcome to the blog.

  12. I loved the music of Kurbaan... my fav track is Dua...


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