BLUE : Movie Review [a brutal one]

Perfect Cinematography : Check
Mind Blowing Sound : Check
Hotness all around the actress : Check
Oooh La La designer Bikinis : Check
Perfect Camera Angles : Check

Story : Oops...gimme 5 mins. I forgot it at my home.
Acting : Lets party in Bahamas yaar. Who needs acting lessons??
Screenplay : Huh...what's that????????


I just don't know why our film makers keep cheating on us? Can't they see defects in their own product? Being a QA personnel from manufacturing industry, I assure that each product passing from us, shall be perfect. And I have enough knowledge about my product. So, all experienced Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar & the producers couldn't find that their movie is not engaging at all??? Even though it is only nearly two hours long, it not at any point -was as engaging as a Thriller should be. And the publicity guys were shouting 'Unleash the Mystery' Blah Blah foot. There is NO THING AS A MYSTERY. I repeat, NOTHING. It just comes and goes. No Adrenalin rush, no excitement. Nothing. Even LUCK was better for some 'meaningful' action. Here its just an ensemble of perfectly choreographed but misplaced action sequences. With all twists we know before they happen.

I am not telling that Everything is bad in it. NO. It is revolutionary in terms of Technical Expertise. Ocean has never been so vivacious blue. Sky was never so sharp. Nights were never so real. Dolphins' were never heard in Hindi movie. Never have we seen underwater action besides heroines in swimming pool. Bikinis were never so so sexy. Yes, BLUE owes its Technical Crew completely. and [the reason I went in for] Rahman's score. Thumping Background score which you can feel around your seats. Fantastic songs - with one downer. Bad Picturization of my most fav-Fiqrana. Rahman has used 'Bhoola Tujhe' theme in various portions of the movie. In different versions, which is excellent.

Acting. ha ha. I think Sanju baba has forgotten this word. He was sleepwalking. Or maybe he was trying hard to 'be in character'. of a humble guy with guilt in heart. Don't know. But why is he showing his 'getting bigger' tummy?? Zayed is average. Lara is a show piece. Nothing much for her. [after all, its all 'male' movie]. But she definitely sizzles in bikinis. She's extremely comfortable with her sexuality and she's perfect visual delight. Akshay Kumar is busy showing off his tatoo, name of his son-painted on his back. Akki repeats himself once again. Read-boring. Its just 'chiggy wiggy' which suited him perfectly. [and oh, Kylie...Muahh] Only relief as an 'actor' is Rahul Dev. After Aa Dekhen Zara, he once again rocks the screen with power performance.

Sigh....First Akki ruined new year with CC2C, then KI, now he has ruined Diwali....No more Akki movies please. No. No. He was better in 8x10. No more Akki movies for me now...unless if its extremely good, then only I will watch it. Dear Akki, don't take your initials too seriously. 'You Are Not AK' Read scripts instead of Cheques.

If you are interested, enthu about Technical expertise of movies, Go and watch Blue. If you want to watch a good entertaining 'movie'; forget it!!

My Rating : 2 / 5 [Just for Technical crew+music]
My Fav Moments : The Underwater sequences [but not the revelation of Treasure chest]
Rewatch : What??!!


  1. I'll go see it for the stunts and the aankhon ki candy ;) Akki does put his initials to shame. Anil Kapoor and Aamir Khan! Get back to you after I see Blue tonight.

    Bollywood has traditionally struggled matching substance with style. (Ghajini is an exception, but it didn't originate in Bollywood.) Only films to compare with are Cash and Dhoom/Dhoom:2, I guess. Out of curiosity, did you like Dhoom:2, and what did you think of its storyline?

  2. That was BRUTAL! :D

    I'm watching it on Sunday..let's see what it has for me. Hehehe

    Will get back here. Cheers!

  3. Voi! Man that was harsh. That bad haan? I somehow had the feeling that it would be all style and no heart or substance.(Inclusion of Zayed was a giveaway) Not even the presence of Rahman tempted me to put this on my to watch list. So, thanks for taking one for the team.

  4. theBollywoodFan

    Well, now I know your thoughts through your Tweets. All I liked is the aankhon ki candy indeed. [kya phrase hai :) ]

    Yes, you got all examples right. All style no substance, is there in many such movies. As far as D:2 concerns, it was Hrithik who carries the movie, say bearable just because of him. And Hri-Ash were good too. Otherwise overall the movie is forgettable. What shocked me more in this one was the hurried ending, for 2hour long movie, why such hurry? may be they were getting over budget?


    Haha, Now I am extremely eager to find out what you have to say in your take. But somewhere I have feeling that you will like it. [intution, nothing else] Lets see.


    Hi and Welcome to my blog. Well, not 'that' bad. Its just everything is fine, but like Jigsaw puzzle, its here and there. There is no proper writer who can put them all together to create a fine picture. If you are a die hard Rahamaniac, then you should watch this in Hall. Cause the thunderous sound is the thing you can feel all around you.

  5. Hi,
    I also found it just deserving only a star.
    However what a huge waste of resources.
    Chek out my review to at


  6. That's perfect said 'huge waste of resources'. I'm reading your reviews on Chakpak. Great going dude.


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