Radio : Music Review [Late... i know]

You would be surprised but Yes, I actually liked the soundtrack of Radio, composed by none other than Himessh Reshamiyaa. And that's why it lead me to write about it. To praise, To write about our very own Gujju-Himesss Bhai. Gujarat Nu Gaurav !! :P [Pride of Gujarat] Late Late but still, here is my take.

Despite weird lyrics of the opening track, Mann Ka Radio sticks with you, why? well, reason is the same. Weird Lyrics. You just can't stop humming those crap words just because of addictive tune. While typical Himesh stuff, Zindgi jaise ek radio is a passé, its the next track which wins you over. Jaaneman - With soft guitars, surprising soft voice of Himesh who croons very well. Later Shreya Ghoshal's vocals makes the track best of the album. [this girl is really loyal to T series, naa??]

I was shocked, literally, when I read Rekha Bhardwaj's name in credits. Her Piya Jaise Laadoo is really good one. I just can't belive that Himesh can compose such fabulous tracks !! Just one glitch is Rekha doesn't have a solo version of the song. Though the duet with Himesh is nice, but looping of just one phrase by Himesh makes it little bit awkward. But yes, I must admit that Himesh sounds really really in control. [and yeah, the track makes me so hungry too - My favorite Motichoor ka Laddoo]. Next up Koi na koi Chahe is again a slow number with some 'snap' sounds - an above average number with Shreya Ghoshal.

Himesh gets his 'oh I shout with my nose' attitude with next track-Teri Meri Dosti Ka Aasman. Ruining a really nice sweet track sung by Shreya. Another shock came in my way when I found Kailash Kher singing in this album. A folk flavored song about marriage - Daamad ji' is nothing much special despite having the great folk singer around. Yet another slow number comes as Shaam ho chali hai is nice soft listen, thanks to Shreya, and oops, I liked Himesh in this one too. :P

Last track Rafaa Dafaa is a reminiscent of 90's pop songs. Drum beats and 'controlled' Himesh brings my favorite track of the album. [Yes, this one :P]

The only problem of this album is that it has an above average quality of music arrangement. I think Himessh should concentrate more on his composers rather than just making tunes. Cause this time around, he has produced some really nice tracks. After Namastey London, this is a soundtrack which really holds my attention. Just throw your hatred for his annoying voice and you will like this soundtrack.

My Rating : 3 / 5 stars
My Picks : Jaaneman, Rafaa Dafaa, Piya Jaise Laadoo.


  1. Did you know that the track 'Mann ka Radio' has been lifted from Savage Garden's 'To The Moon and Back'? I've also heard that the video has been lifted from that song's video too!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I dont think sound track is lifted...may be video is 'inspired'

  4. MrNarci

    Didn't know it. Must search for Savage Garden't track now.

    Nishit Joshi

    But I too have doubt. Cause we all are not 'doodh ke dhule hue' haha. :)


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