Aladin : Music Review

First of all. Mind it!! That this is today's Aladin. It's not from Arabian Nights. No, not from the Golden Deserts. Or nor from Buena Vista studios. So Mind it [again]. Keep your expectations low key. Even in music, do not expect desert groove. The hot hot dancers [well, expect that :P ]. But yes, keep only one expectation. FUN!! That is guaranteed as Sujoy Ghosh is back with his regular Musicians : Vishal and Shekhar.

Said this before, for nth time. Again, I would repeat, this is my most awaited movie of the year. Reasons are in This post. And after seeing such fantastic promos, I can't wait for the movie. My demand to this OST was to have some fun, enjoyable tracks with a love ballad [cause in Disney's Aladin, we had immortal 'whole new world']. And that exactly is delivered by Vishal-Shekhar.

The album opens up with funky Anushka singing prelude of Genie Rap. Amitabh Bachchan is here with really cool rap written by Vishal himself. The beats remind me of Ticket to Hollywood [JBJ] but given genre of the song, its perfect. Addictive.

I like it when musicians sing for each others songs. While we've just heard Vishal grooving for SEL's London Dreams, Here comes Shankar Mahadevan for fantastic Tak Dhina Dhin. One can't stop himself but dance to this tune. It is heavily an RDBurman theme. But rather than 'copy' it seems 'dedication'. Shaan joins in later and make the song more worth.

Suddenly a sugary sweet voice hit your ears when Shreya starts cooing O Re Saawariya. which instantly taken up by BigB and Sudesh Bhosle. That thing disappointed me. Can't there be Shankar again? The Folksy song would have sound best with his voice. I am tired of BigB's voice everywhere, even in hair-oil ads. Also, if the opening lines 'laage laage' were used frequently in the song, that would be fantastic. But still, overall the track has 'stuck in my mind' kinda effect.

I was so excited when @V1sh4L and @sujoy_g were discussing [on Twitter] about the song 'You May Be'. Stating it as an anthem. Well, it IS. Sort of. Such a lovely song it is. And what more surprising is the duo, Vishal and Shekhar both lends their own voice for this oh so mushy song. In love with it!!

After this fun ride, here comes another one with fast beats. Bachke O Bachke. Sung by Shankar and Sunidhi. To me, it sounds quite situational, like 70's dance competitions. Which will look good on screens and sounds more better after watching the movie. Cause in audio, it is a little bit in mess with heavy orchestration.

And the unsung hero of the movie, is the Ringmaster. The Bad guy. Sanju Baba gives his voice to self introducing song 'Giri Giri'. A 'feel bad' song with interesting lyrics describing the baddie himself. See this 'mujhe har waqt chahiye Rakt pada, hoon sakht main bhaiyya'.

Overall, as promised Vishal, Shekhar and Sujoy Ghosh has come up with out and out fun soundtrack. Which won't let us down in the movie. A perfect to set the mood right, for the movie.


  1. I think it's a super fun soundtrack. I like the Giri Giri song..and also You May Be. Will publish my review soon. Cheers!

  2. Yeah, I think it will match the mood of the movie. Otherwise as a standalone album, its just good. Nothing much. I m still behind for Giri Giri. I think it will look best on screen.

  3. Great, i'm looking forward to the movie i hope it doesn't disappoint plus i'm in love with You may be

  4. bollywoodDeewana
    I m sure the movie will not disappoint at all. Bas, we have to keep one thing in mind. Keep our expectations little bit low key. :)

  5. Anonymous21:44

    Интересно написано....но многое остается непонятнымb


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