Aladin : First Promo

Don't know why, but I am quite excited for this one. And That's why I am inspired to blog from office :P Since childhood, I always loved Aladin, be it the Disney series or the movie. Or the books. And who does not? Each and everyone must have heard the story and loved it back in their childhood.

Also this is again a time when Bollywood is going into the fabulous era of Arabian Nights. Though Drona tried hard, but couldn't make it. May be it was overdone in terms of 'superhero' thing and sloppy script. And sleepy Abhishek [grrr...] [Here are my rants] But I quite liked the theme how mythology was used [but the theme got lost] and definitely will go for Drona 2. [As I heard, SRK is interested :) ]

Another reason I want to see Aladin, is for the locations. Which I love, Rajasthan, especially Jaisalmer. And add comic timing of Riteish Deshmukh. :) But I couldn't identify the girl - is she Urvashi [the Naqaab girl]?? And Sujoy Ghosh, director of Jhankaar Beats and Home Delivery, I can surely expect something. And not to forget, special appearances !! And fun Soundtrack by Vishal and Shekhar. Here, you can find more about the movie. The blog written by Sujoy Ghosh / his companions.

And lastly, ppl around me tells that I do look like Riteish....[Do I?] :D So there, how can I miss this movie ?? :) :)

Here is the promo. Do share your thoughts.


  1. I hope the special effects are better than they look in the trailer. Not so impressive.

    Is this an unedited version of the trailer?

  2. Rohan14:53

    The girl is Jacqueline Fernandes, a former Ms. Sri Lanka.

    And yeah, this is a rough scratch promo.

  3. Bhargav
    Same worries here man. We are still a little behind, but are improving. And the trailer is an unedited one. So there also it misses a bit.

    Oh, yes. Now I remember reading her name on the blog I mentioned above. But she looks very similar to Urvashi !!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Oh bummer, it's not working anymore. I wonder if Eros is going to post an approved trailer soon?

  5. Anonymous07:32

    I thought Disney's version was quite entertaining as a child, but now that I'm older, I realise there's a lot of cultures confused within the film: Ancient Chinese or Mongol body armor; an Arabic tale that suppose to be set in China, not Arabia; and more often - Indian culture portrayed as "Arabic", e.g. a Bengal tiger named "Raj" and a monkey named "Apu"; Mughali (Indian) architecture, etc.

    Hopefully, this Bollywood film won't go down that ridiculous route where the crew make the film according to what they "think" they know.

  6. I visited the blog for the first time, and Boy! You are doing an amazing job!

    I too grew reading the Aladdin tales, and I would say from Sujoy Ghosh you could expect something out of box, I wish and hope he doesn't cook one culture shock cocktail-Indian audience cannot digest one.

    BTW just a heads up...I don't see the video need to embed another playing one I guess!

  7. I'm not as excited about this as I initially was. Don't know why. I think some of it has been addressed in the comments already. I hope they don't try to Indianize the storyline by too much. Plus, I don't see Deshmukh pulling it off. Amitabh should be great to see, though, as he was in Bhoothnath!

  8. Ooops....Eros is the Fastest one to take actions on YouTube. Good Going !!!

    btw, i have already downloaded the vid. He he. can watch it anytime. [now don't tell me to upload that, my bandwidth sucks :(]


    :( The release date is 16 oct. So I don't think it will be sooner.

    Hi, Welcome to my blog.
    That's quite good info you have shared. I have nearly forgotten abt the background of the movie. Correction - monkey was Abu thats Arabian name. :)

    Fingers crossed for this one.


    Hey, thanks for your kind words.
    Yes, I like the way Sujoy makes his stories alive. LoL to culture shock cocktail Hah. and yes, as i mentioned above, the video is no more. Soon I will post screencaps, if possible :( [stuck in studies and exam - at work :(( ]

    Thanks for stopping by. Do come again.

    Oh, and I am worried that 'again' Riteish would not get stuck with 'cheap' comedy. I believe he can do far better than that. Even in Kal Kissne Dekha, I liked his funny cameo. [Am I the only one???]

    And yeah, Indianized version won't do that much. So lets hope, good. Bachchan, as Genie...definitely !! any time. :)

  9. And Here is bit of news, about Promo being leaked by insider. The promo is Eight months old.

  10. I think you are right and this is going to be a fantastic film! :)

    I've always been a big Ritesh fan since I saw him in "Bluffmaster" and I'm glad he's finally getting the chance to carry a film. :D

    The production design looks really cool, too - I love the photos of The Big B!

  11. I saw this promo in the theater when I went to see Love Aaj Kal and omg Amitabh was hamtastic!! Itni overdone acting thi ki I was horrified! :-(


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