Luck : Movie Review

No expectations, No excitement, No Hopes, no drooling over Shruti, even not much listening of its songs. And I went into the hall. I knew, this was bad bad movie [thanx to tons of reviews out there]. But yes, i was prepared and my friend was too, supporting me :P After six headache filled days of training/exam, I felt need in my nerves to feel the smell of celluloid, and there I was-watching yet another 'so called' disaster of the year. 'Luck' a Soham Shah directed adventure [!!]. A launchpad for Shruti Hassan, who barely can speak. [or was she nervous, amongst all seniors :P] Here, I would like to borrow a sentence from Filmigirl's Review : She showed more talent in this role than Deepika Padukone has in her three films put together. :D haha...Well said !!

But actually, really, honestly speaking- I liked the movie. Yes, Yes, i liked it. Okay, I am not being 'different' from all, or I am not being 'attention-seeker' but seriously, I liked it as a clean fun time pass. Remember Aa Dekhen Zara? People rejected it at once, but I loved it :) So, that's just me. Okay, movie has its own flaws. A part [20 min approx] after intermission, was boring when game after a game was coming, so it became like Fear Factor episode, but soon it got back on track. But again in climax, Ravi Kissen lost the track. Otherwise, everything is smooth.

Chitrashi Rawat - the Chak De girl, caught all the attention. She was really fabulous, that I wasn't looking at Shruti at all, whenever both are on screen. Shruti was looking confused, nervous, depressed, whatever. But still, i want to see her in a full fledged role, that would be fine. Imran Khan, well, he hardly has his 'own' part in this movie. Either he is driven by Danny Denzongpa [Mind Blowing !!] or he looked lost somewhere. But still, there were sparks. And after watching this, I would definitely go for Kidnap.

Danny was a treat to watch. He over shines everyone. I wished if he was used more after intermission too, when story focuses mainly on Sanjay Dutt who is just keep coming and going in frames. I didn't find anything special in his role. Just as usual. And talking about 'usual' how about 'koi shaq'?!! The usual phrase of Mithun da. Which is overused. But again, Mithun's role was also quite good.

Technically, the movie is good, but yet editing could be better. I saw some clear loopholes in editing. Cinematography was great, S.A. was looking gorgeous. All desert and mountains !! Background socre is really good. And inclusion of songs is also done very well. Script loses its way after intermission, but after a little time, it comes back on track. What most notable was the witty one liners. [Sujoy Tweeted : Heard that everyone is talking in phrases in this movie :) Yeah, right Sujoy] But fun it is.

There, no expectations worked for me. I went in to have fun, and returned with it. Unlike Kambakkht Ishq, where everything was perfectly insane. And I felt robbed ;-)

My Twitter
Review : "Sitting in lucky numbered seat, I actually enjoyed #Luck Its a harmless 'clean' timepass, a rarity these days. Had no expectations.Tht Workd"

And this time, I posted live updates on Twitter while watching the movie. So here, are all of my tweets.

  • At #Luck finally, wish me luck. :-D good luck actully started, ticket vendor gave 20Rs. Discount !
  • Friend cried, 'this is Musafir!!'
  • Nice one. 'U.S. jaake ek ka chalis kare'
  • Nice soundtrack
  • Danny's good.
  • Good luck usko bola jata hai jiska time kharab ho.
  • CeeTee's Ravi Kissen
  • Chand par pahochna ho to taaro pe ruka nahi karte, woh to khud girte rehte hai
  • Laxmi tujhe tika lagane aayi hai, aur tu idd ka chand bana hua hai
  • Chitrashi rawat + Ravi kissen = wah!
  • Raghav to maut ki talaash mein zinda hai
  • Very bad dialogue delivery : Shruti Hassan
  • Intermission... Friend: "its not 'that' bad" Me: "yup, really"
  • Whaaa !! I just realized..i m sitting in seat no.8 . My lucky number !!
  • Shruti is speaking like Soniyaa Gandhi :-D transliterated hindi.
  • My my ! What eyes shruti
  • Ha ha. Friend : why is she speaking like she's drunk?
  • Empilified entry scenes each time Sanju is on screen. *irritating*
  • Me loves this song : khuda ya vey
  • Well, this is getting Fear Factor 'ish'
  • #wtf Ravi kissen cant aim even with a machine gun !
  • With blood over his face, Imran still looks like a puppy

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  1. I know what could've saved this movie...20 minutes mimicking Raakhi Ka Swayamvar...and then in the end, Rakhi selects Ravi Kishan, only to reveal herself as ...[ with Mission Impossible style unmasking ] about that...I should write the sequel to this Luck will be called..Fu$k..u get it..

  2. ROFL, Sujoy
    Your creative mind [!!] is like Chacha chaudhary :) Abhi iss baar to bomb phod hi do. Go for the sequel yaar. It would be fun.

    And how abt a Ganga kinare wala chhora coming out of train, just to ask "bhaiya, haridwar aa gaya kaa?"

  3. i think i was the one who said "this is musafir" .. :D

    i liked ht movie as well. after all , movies are supposed to be movies. piece of fiction, and this was a fun watch. worth the ticket price!

  4. Well said! It was a fun time-pass movie (and I liked Aa Dekhen Zara, too!)

    Since you brought up Shruti - I didn't want to get too into the story in my review but I think the story did her a real disservice by not making clear that the character was supposed to be nervous and weak.

    I was annoyed at Shruti's acting for most of the film until the end when I realized that the character was supposed to be like that - and she was quite good as the twin, too.

    With a better script and director, I think Shruti will do just fine. :)

    (And three cheers for Danny! Really great seeing him on screen!)

  5. Ektz
    Hey, Welcome to my blog.
    That's interesting co-incidence. And as I have not seen Musafir, I do believe now that it must be the same scene.

    Worth ticket price !! Exactly. Also worth cause i had discounted ticket :P

    Filmi Girl
    Thats a good point You brought up abt Shruti. now I can understand, that she 'had' to look like the confused one. May be that was her character. But still she has to work on her speech.

    Danny anytime. Last I can remember him was in Asoka, as a weird man, but i liked him there too. He's the 'man' !!

  6. Brutal review! LOL! ;-)
    Thanks for the link-back :-)

    I found the acting so bad..first of all did anyone act at all!? :D

    Wasn't that Ravi Kissen's scene in the climax funny?

    LOL @ Shruti is speaking like Soniyaa Gandhi :-D transliterated hindi.

    I don't think I've seen a worse 'star-child' debut than Shruti Hassan's in a long time.

  7. @Sujoy
    Don't be so strict with our Rakhee jee yaar! She's such a sweetheart! :D

  8. maybe the movie isn't good at all, but i think that after watching kambakht ishq, we might find any movie better for some more days to come

  9. I like your review, and to be honest I'd see the movie just for the "Chak De Girl." LOL I'm definitely going to catch it on DVD.

  10. Hi Darshit,
    I figured after reading your comments on so many other blogs that I should actually come check yours out. Really great blog!

    Now, about Luck - It's going to be ages before I even get a chance to see this, but at least I know what to expect now! I love the tweets - now that's a great way to engage initial reaction!

  11. I wish they played this at my local theater. :( I'll look forward to your thoughts on Kidnap. I feel the same way as you do with Luck, about not disliking that film at all. And wow, haven't seen Danny in a long time!

  12. Bhargav

    Heh, Brutal !! :P Umm I think everyone's act ,besides whatever I have mentioned above, was quite okay. You can't expect much in such movie though. And yes, climax was funny. Look my tweet - Ravi can't aim with m/c gun. But its okay man, this is a year of bad climaxes. isn't it?

    LoL @ Shruti. Worst star child would be killer line :P But seriously there was not 'that' much hope and hype abt her and 'still' she couldn't deliver it, Very Bad.


    Hah, thats a really good point you've made. After KI....:D


    Thanks Ajnabi. That girl is oh so awesome. She needs more better roles. Remember her in Fashion??


    Welcome to my blog. And thank you very much for your kind words. :) Twitter is really a great medium for such things. I m into it since last 4 months only, and wished if I was there earlier. Are you on twitter?

    Do give a chance to Luck though, I would say, rent it, don't buy :P


    I have to get Kidnap soon. Heck, I am busy [keep watching my tweets for 'why'] But still I will manage to. Yes, this wasnt 'dislike' kinda. Though I never look forward to action flicks, this made me actually sit and enjoyed tweeting and watching. Agree with Danny! The man is still 'the man' !!

  13. Hi Darshit,
    I am on Twitter, thought I don't tweet that much, but you can certainly follow me if you like. I'm under vox23.

    I'll still see Luck at some point, I'm sure.

  14. I remember your tweets and looking forward to this film!

  15. I really liked Luck too. But then I was excited about watching it the whole time cuz I rly like Sanjay Durr, Mithun C, and Imran Khan

  16. Anonymous11:18

    Hi Blogger,
    I really liked your review. And although I really wanted to see it, then was talked out of it, I'm going to see it this weekend and am madly excited.


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