My Engagement & its Playlist

Finally, This 'maa da laadla' got Engaged with his girl. And is now back to Blogging. So how can I forget to share my happy moments with all you fellow Bloggers?? So here are some pics from the ceremony : dunkdaft and Kitu [Darshit & Kruti] :)

And yes, the Playlist for these beautiful moments is here too. As a music 'keeda' I am, nothing is complete for me without music. [and see below, who will deny that I don't look like Riteish Deshmukh??!!! :P LOL]

Fun 'n Dance Songs :

1. Mahi vey : Kal ho Na Ho
2. Ankh Ladiye : Neil 'n Nicki
3. Chor Bazaari : Love Aaj Kal
4. Desi Girl : Dostana
5. Dil Vich Lagiya vey : Chup Chup Ke
6. Emosanal Atyachaar : Dev D
7. Climax Title song : Jhoom Baraabar Jhoom
8. Jogi Maahi : Bachna Ae Haseeno
9. Mast Kalandar : Heyy Babbyy
10. Mauja Hi Mauja : Jab We Met
11. Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna : DDLJ
12. Nagada Nagada : Jab We Met
13. Om Mangalam : Kambakht Ishq
14. Pappu cant dance : JTYJN
15. Raat Ke Dhai Baje : Kaminey
16. Sajna di vari vari : Honeymoon Travels...
17. Say Na Say Na : Bluffmaster
18. Tenu Le ke Main Jawaanga : Salam-E-Ishq
19. Say Shava Shava : K3G

Love is in the Air : Romantic Songs :

1. Yeh Rishta : Meenaxi
2. Title Track : U Me aur Hum
3. O Saathi Re.. : Omkara
4. Ek meetha : Welcome to Sajjanpur
5. Ishq Hua : Aaja Nachle
6. Is Pal : Aaja Nachle
7. Bol Na Halke Halke : JBJ
8. Is this Love : Kismat Connection
9. Tum Se Hi : Jab We Met
10. Khabar nahi : Dostana
11. Rehna Tu : Delhi 6
12. Teri Ore : Singh is King
13. Tum Ho toh : Rock On
14. Dil Gira : Delhi 6
15. Kahin To : JTYJN
16. Jab Se tere Naina : Saawariya
17. Hey Shona : Taraa Rum Pum
18. Suno Naa : Jhankaar Beats
19. Tu Jahan Main Wahan : Salam Namaste

And finally, for some ROFLing.... here's me Dancing to the tunes :)


  1. Natasha06:51

    Sagaai Mubaarak!

    P.s. - And good blog.

  2. hi, Welcome aboard Natasha. And thanks for the wishes.

  3. Congratulations once again :-) Lovely pictures, especially your dance pics! LOL

    And you're right about Reteish Deshmukh. haha

    P.S. Do invite your blogger friends for the Shaadi yaar! LOL! (with complimentary international air tickets :D)

  4. Yay !! (count 1) Me looks likes stars !!!! :P

    Mere ko fate haal kar doge aap Bloggers milke, haan?? Sure you are welcome though. I would try my best to convince airliners for charity of some tickets :P LOL

  5. And haan, that dancing thing was utterly funny, especially 'Chor Bazari' :)

  6. Congrats!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing the pics....

    Yes, you do look like Ritiesh, hehehe

  7. Yay !! (count 2) Me looks likes stars !!!! :P

    Thanks for wishes !!

  8. Congrats!!!!!!! And you do look like Riteish! Wonderful pics, but ye kya? Aisi playlist banayi aur 'Su Chhe' from 'Whats Your Rashee' nahi dala?! Ghor anyay!! So.... su chhe mane kahido, manwa su chhe? ;-D

  9. Yay !! (count 3) Me looks likes stars !!!! :P

    Thanks Sultan ji!! Actually I *love* that 'Su Chhe' song, but the soundtrack got released on the same day, so it left out :(

    By the way 'Mann Maa shu chhe' [what's in my mind!!] the answer is - Mann Yeh Baawra....sudh boodh kho raha.... :P

  10. Awww, sweet! I love your playlist--especially Is Pal and O Saathi Re. Lots and lots of congratulations.

  11. Oh, both songs are so so lovely you can feel hearts falling all around, listening to them. So they got to be there.
    Thanks for the wishes.

  12. I'll volunteer my DJ *and* dance services (shall learn them both while at it, LOL) for the shaadi if you take Bhargav's advice! :) Great post/pics, cool songs, many best wishes again and again! (And that's a great header too.)

  13. Wah!! Now I don't need to worry about the music arrangements. the Blogger Band is here :P haha. And Bhargav is going to take part in 'Free tickets to India' contest run by 'Aaair India'. Take part in that too, that will surely work :)

    Btw, You all are seriously Welcome to my Shaadi, on 8th Dec. Glad you liked the list. And again, thanks for the wishes, I hope everything is going well at your side too.

  14. and Thanks for the header too. Both are My most favorite pics . the Header one and the first one in the post.

  15. Aww, congratulations! Wishing you all of God's blessings. You guys look adorable :)

  16. Thanks Nida for your wishes. All wishes are being transferred to Kitu, too. :)

  17. Ronak07:02

    hase bhai hase. Nice pics!! Congrats once again!!

  18. Thanks Ronak. Havve tamaro vaaro chhe ho!! :)

  19. Hey Darshit, I did congratulate u, but here's it again. cheers!

  20. Anonymous17:46

    Nice pics and blog also......
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  21. iDhun
    Thanks for visit. and for link too.. :)


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