Little Terrorist : A short film with big heart

Never have I tasted the charm of a short film before. And what can be more appropriate than this..starting it off with commendable Little Terrorist directed by Ashvin Kumar. A less known name in Mumbai Film Industry, and much popular in Film Festival circuit. The movie was a huge critical success and a hot pick at numerous [103] film festivals after its release in 2005. Also it was nominated for Best Live Action Short Film at Academy Awards. Oh, okay, looks like promotional feature for the movie, isn't it?? :P But I was just trying to introduce newly found film-world.

The movie made by interesting crew who met for the first time on the sets itself. They all were selected through internet and all are from different countries, wrapped up shoot in 6 days flat. [given running time of 15 minutes, one may think its enough, but No !!]

Its a story about a Pakistani boy-Jamal -played by street child Salim [yes, way before Slumdog] who accidentally crosses Indo-Pak border which is fiercely filled with mines. Only to find out later, that he himself is in another country, with 'other' people.

While hiding from the army personnel, he meets a school master of nearby village - Bhola [Sushil Sharma] and his niece [Meghna Mehta]. I loved those tiny little moments involving cricket and feelings of post partition pain.

and How he does fare in this new in a place where he is unwanted.

Ah..there goes my favorite Rajasthani song : Kesariya Balam...

Actually, at first I didn't know that the movie is so short. I thought it would be an hour or so long. But its surprisingly short and yet makes its point perfectly. Lead actor Salim is just perfect for the title role. In the making section, it is shown how Director selected him from a little school. But he performs his part like he has already mastered the art of acting. Theater actor, Sushil Sharma has an interesting part in his hand. He is one of the victim when time parted a single country into two. Having watched the phase in front of his eyes, the enigma of past is visible in them. Scenes between him and kid Jamal, are most delightful. The girl Meghna, is a newbie to camera too. She also shows some really potential. As a typical Rajasthani girl, who is little bit fiery, little bit shy and a bit orthodox. She looks like promising actor in future.

At many points, movie leaves us thinking. Especially the one with 'Kesariya Balam' song. Its so intriguing. Similarly, the opening sequence leaves you speechless. Though the movie deals with quite common subject of cross border hatred, but neither it shouts out nor it preaches. Just smoothly story goes on , and suddenly you realize that the movie already has come to the end !

Lovely ! I surely want to see more from the director - Ashvin Kumar.


  1. This looks like a beautifully shot film with a very interesting story.

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  3. Wonderful little short film. Have you seen Road To Ladakh?

    PS Neat template. Looks nice.

  4. I need to find a copy of 'Little Terrorist' somehow, and fast! Since you enjoyed this, you must check out 'Ramchand Pakistani', which is based on a true story. Loved it.

    And yes, as Bhargav says, nice layout!

  5. shell
    Yes, its shot well in my favorite Filmy location-Rajasthan, it has quite short and simple yet interesting story, do watch it.

    Bhargav Saikia
    Well, I have Road to Ladakh next in the queue. Lets see how it fares..[also it has lovely lady Koel :P]

    Thanks for template. I too find it very sleek looking so couldn't control my itch to change to it :)


    You can find DVD with both movies - Road to Ladakh and Little Terrorist on this page of Induna. Also you can get a double disc edition on its official webpage Here.

    I am waiting for Ramchand Pakistani since your review. Lets see, when time will allow me to get to it :) Cause anything which is filmed at any kind of deserts, attracts me to watch it !! And well, Nandita Das too.

  6. Thanks for posting about this; I'd never heard of it! The actors and location look very interesting.

  7. I've been wanting to see this! And Bollywood Fan's right-Ramchand Pakistani is also very good, Nandita Das and all.;)

    And is that our precious Kajol's eyes I spy on your banner?

  8. ajnabi
    I have never seen any of the actors in any other movie or on TV. And the kid is also a first timer, so it is surprising, how considerable act they all have put together.

    Yes, I now 'have to' see Ramchand Pakistani. and you can get the DVD at above mentioned links.

    Yeah, that's one and only Kajol !!! from U me aur Hum.

  9. Anonymous02:00

    hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  10. Hi Hapi
    Thanks for stopping by and for ur wishes. :D

  11. Thats a neat review man :)
    Got to watch this one :)

    U have a nice blog here man :)
    hey btw my blog is about movies ,i wud be gald if u cud leave ur comments so that i could make it better & make it worth the read :)

    keep blogging :)

  12. Thanks Sat_hi_sh
    You can get the dvd on above mentioned links. Sure I will visit your blog. Heading towards it now :)

  13. Wow, I have never heard of this movie. Definitely looks like something I would enjoy.

  14. Nicki Looking forward to your views.


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