What's your Raashee? : Movie Review

Don't know why but there is a negative feeling in air, all around about Ashutosh Gowarikar's latest What's Your Raashee? I haven't read any reviews but from some tweets, I am feeling that response is very negative. Why??!! I am back from the show, just now, and without wasting much time, I straightly end up writing my thoughts about the movie, cause I liked it !!

As usual I won't go into the story as everyone knows it. An NRI Gujju boy looking for a perfect bride for him, under some unavoidable circumstances of course. There we get fantstic Priyanka Chopra in never before, 12 roles, avatars. Which is the biggest highlight of the movie. Despite of being 'Ashutosh's movie, I wasn't hoping much more from the movie. Cause I knew that this time its not going to be magnum opus as Ashu is used to make. Even, when I heard / seen music and promo in beginning, I didn't like it that much. But thats another story.

So, not hoping much from the movie made its point. And ofcourse, the movie is all about my community. Gujarati - Gujju families. So, I am bound to like it. :) He has got all kind of Gujjus. From Jhaveris, to Business Tycoons. From Farmers to Spice merchants, to working class living in Bhuleshwar Chawl. Fine Ashu. The only this you missed out on, is a to find a Gujju mom, the mom u've taken is so animated actor. :( Talking about that, most of the supporting cast except, Darshan Jariwala, are near average.

Right now I am batteling on Twitter with fellow Tweeple, about how crap the movie is. But I don't think its that much crap. The only thing people talking about is length of the movie. I too agree with that, Ashutosh needs a better editor in his team on high priority. He always ends up putting up all of his favorite scenes without thinking how audience will react to them. And there he always ends up with heavy running time. I mean, even this movie has running time of 3.5 hours!! Its always okay with a hopeless movie lover like me, but think about common people. Everyone will end up leaving halls man.

Okay, besides that everything, I liked it for the narration of all Raashee one by one. It was quite fun actually. And above all, the songs, the musical kinda format is what I loved. After much listening of OST, I started to loving the OST, which helped me ther. And what makes viewing more delightful is ofcourse, Priyanka Chopra. She's perfect except in her last avatar. I think the last one was done quite in hurry. But overall, Priyanka steals the show, screenspace, everything. She looks so so gorgeous. Now I have no doubts only Harman is suitable for this role. Cause no actor would do such role where 12 Priyanka are there, and Harman wanted to grab this opportunity to be with her !!! Though he doesn't have much to do but he is quite good in his act. And somewhat likable too. As a side note, why Ashu thinks all NRI should wear Jeans and Checkered shirts when they return in India??

But the film has its moments too for which I enjoyed it. The moments of Boy going to 'see' girl for marrige, the confusions, attachment, things like that made it worth for me. Also the music, which I loved as OST, also I loved it in the movie too. I think Rahman has missed an opprtunity here. [or Ashu didn't even offered this to him???] Cause there was a big scope in this movie to make it a perfect 'musical', by that way the movie could have been much better too.

All said, if you liked the dated soundtrack of the movie, and if you hopelessly love Priyanka Chopra, or lastly if you are Gujju, then go for the movie. You will enjoy it as I did.

My Rating : 3 / 5
Favorite Scenes : the Scooter ride with Dr., the reincarnation theory, suspenseful climax :P
Rewatch : Ah...maybe...No !!


  1. I've heard nothing but negative things about the movie. Although I'm no fan of Priyanka, I do want to see it cause it's Ashutosh Gowarikar's film

  2. Anonymous10:30

    i loved it :) paisa wasool!!!

  3. Nicki

    I think you too will like it. It has some nice references to 80/90's movies too. Which is fun to watch. Maybe its a dedication of Ashu to that time when he grown up watching those movies. No doubt his intentions were good, its only something is missing.

    Well, right. It was a Paisa Vasool. Fun to watch movie, i never felt bored through.

  4. :O
    Going by ur review ,it makes me ponder whether this was really an Ashutosh Gowariker movie ?

    I loved all his previous works ,Swades was my fav bot didnt expect this kind follow up movie from him :(

  5. Hey Darshit, really nice Blog, u got a keen observation skills for movies n kinda good critic style...congrates..

    n regarding movie, Story is the main key for success.I think Priyanka has grab the crown for Biggest Bollywood babe & taken the first position...Playin 12 roles seems very challenging even she tried so hard...Music was ok...screenplay was quite intelligent n dialogues too.."Talk Business then Talk Gujarati" - The most i liked...
    Nyway, overall moview is good..n i m agree with ur ratings.

    U may visit my blogs too, thats http://dkvyas007.blogspot.com

  6. Big disappointment. I worship Gowariker yaar..how could he make such a sloppy film :-( Comedies are not for him.

    I've published my thoughts on the film too.

  7. Sat_hi_sh

    Hah, that's true. Besides one and a half stories, there is barely Ashu's touch in the movie.

    Swades is one of a few movies, which is made once in a lifetime. So is Lagaan. So naturally, Ashu did take a huge risk and fell flat.


    Hey, Hi and welcome to my blog.

    Indeed PC has done great job in the movie. It is really tough to do so than it seems. Personally I liked the music. But yes, dialogues were good. But strictly Gujju ones. I have noted that many of us Gujju fellows liked the movie, just because it is based on the community.

    Thanks for link to your blog. Will be checking out soon.

    I had seen your tweet some days back. I know it is disappointing if we see as Ashu's milestone. But otherwise it was fun. Checking your thoughts now.

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