Its Navaratri Fest...!!! : My Playlist

Its Navaratri Festival [wiki here] time in Gujarat and everywhere in India. But its very special in Gujarat as the longest Dance Festival, 9 days to be specific, is going on. Where people dance till late nights in traditional dance form 'Garba'. [Wiki here] The songs are also called 'Garba' which has this specific drum beats. As I am enjoying the festival, [its 6th night today], I will leave here some of my favorite 'Garba' songs from our very own beloved Bollywood. I know I have missed a lot of them, so suggestions are welcome as always.

1. Goonje Angna Mein : Life Partner > My latest favorite. Though the movie was quite above average, I loved this song very much. It features most common 'garba' tune, but its the Two fantastic beauties-Prachi and Genelia.

2. Ghoonghat Mein Chand : Khoobsurat > I don't like Kumar Sanu much, but he has sung this song quite well. And later Kavitha Krishnamurthy makes it more special, that too with 'Latka' of Urmila...Another movie with Gujju background. Here's Sanju Baba doing Dandiya with Urms..

3. Bani Bani : Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon > Pardon me on adding this 'exaggerated emotions' by Bebo - song. But the song has such 'huge' sound, makes it so much perfect to dance on in Navaratri.

4. Chand Aaya Hai : Dil Hi Dil Mein > How Can one miss out a song by Rahman, in just any playlist?? So here's one fantastic 'Rahman'ish Garba. With Lovely Lovely Sonali Bendre dancing with rather 'kiddy' Kunal.

5. Main toh Bhool Chali : SarswatiChandra > And this one is the immortal one from classics. Nutan dancing to perfectly traditional Garba tune and steps. Love this since childhood.


  1. hmmm u do take ur music & movies quite seriously :)
    Nice countdown man...
    havent heard these songs bot will let u know about them after i listened to them :)

    keep blogging

  2. Yes, I do man. Thanks. And by the way, have you been at any Garba festival?

  3. Dont forget 'Naam re...Sabse bada tera nam....from Suhaag'

  4. Great post, there's another fab one in Toofan with Amitabh Bachchan and Meenakshi Sheshadri

  5. Do u know that Kunal from "Chand Aaya hai zameen pe" no more.

    So sad to hear that news man!

  6. Nice :-) I've never attended a Garba night. Must be loads of fun.

  7. Nishit
    Hi, bro. Nice to see you here. Thanks for the suggestion. The Bachchan fan you are :) Good one there.

    Oh, that one I totally forgot. I used to like Toofan as a kid, for its superhero quality. The song is nice too.

    Oh no. Thats really a shocker. :( He was such a sweet actor. What happend?


    [in tone of Geet-JWM]
    Gujarat chal...dikhata hoon :)

    [Garba night btw :D]

  8. Darshit, I must visit Gujarat soon. And also I want to see the Lagaan village. I'm coming back to India next week..maybe I could come to your place sometime. What say?

  9. Sure Bhargav, you are most welcome. Just tell me when you are willing to . I will try my best to get time for you. :)


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