Wanted : Movie Review

It was everywhere. Each channel each newspaper everyone, was telling Salman is going to make it big with 'Wanted'. Still I wasn't looking forward to it at all ! It happens to me many times that if the movie doesn't have good, my kinda music, I would never watch the movie. And 'Wanted' had very much above average soundtrack. So I wasn't thinking of watching it. Also, Action is not my favorite genre at all. Unless theBollywoodFan insisted me on watching it. And also, I found ajnabi, Louella and Nicki's views on Pokiri, made me watch this film. And want to thank all for direct/indirect recco. cause Wanted is such a fantastic experience !!

First and foremost, yes it is like a 90's movie, masala stuff full with action, emotion, comedy. But hey, wait, where was the Technical brilliance in 90's?? Or the thumping sound of action and brilliant screenplay + editing?? Similarity ends instantly. Its only the theme that is always a tried and tested one in Bollywood. But the treatment of the storyline and projection on screen is what makes Wanted worth ceetees and shout outs, and yes House Fulls!!! No doubt the original movies must be great in all senses, cause I think no movie can come closer to originals when they are remade [in that case, please don't argue abt Ghajini, as I still haven't replaced my broken DVD of Tamil Ghajini].

Wanted clearly goes to Salman for his full of arrogance, attitude filled act. He plays what he is. And that works best for his role of Radhey who is a careless, 'self employed' guy whose job is, well, to kill/thrash people but still he has his virtues. Being a 'Hero', he has his girl too. Swweeeet sugary Aayesha Takia playing Jhanvi. He has his own share of baddies. Mahesh Manjrekar as Inspector Talpade, is in a role, you will hate him like you used to hate Prem Chopra in older times. And biggest of them all, Don Ghani Bhai, played by Prakash Raj - unique character who makes you laugh even though he is THE villain !! A Perfect mixup for a Masala entertainer.

Salman carries the movie on his own. He is here, there everywhere, and wins ceetees and shouts from everyone. Director Prabhudeva makes him dance too, and man, He IS DANCING!! First song is fantastic [Jalwa]. Other songs are also not bad at all, all have the 'dhinchak' feeling, but works well only in the movie. I feel movie could have fared more than this if it had some memorable tracks. The romantic track is so lovely. Each and every scene between Salman And Aayesha is so cute, you would instantly fall for both. Ayesha is always a treat to watch. Also most of the scenes has a touch of humour which makes it more enjoyable. and hey, did I mention that both of them look great together?? :)

Supporting cast including Inder Kumar, Vinod Khanna and Govind Namdeo have acted quite well. Most interesting to me was Prakash Raj as Ghani Bhai. A Don who has great sense of humour and brutal strategies. [thanks @louella for reminding me about him]. I have seen him in only one movie [Bommarillu] so this took me surprised cause he is playing baddie in this one.

Technically the movie is near perfect. Everything is larger than life, a usual thing in a southie. Background score is great by Salim-Suleiman. And action is - mind blowing. Screenplay loses its pace a little bit after first half, but soon the movie gets a 'Fantastic' twist and audience gets on their edges of seat. Is this Prabhudeva???? The ace dancer who directs such fundoo movies !! Great work da...Keep it up. But yes, keep an eye on Music next time.

My Rating : 3.75 / 5 !! [thoroughly enjoyable]
Favorite Scenes : Lift scene between Radhey+Jhanvi, Shirtless Sallu :P, The Pasta treat

Dhamal NachGana + SweetRomance + FundooAction + Shirtless SALLU = CeeTee + Shout Out + HOUSE FULL = #Wanted Rocked! (LOVED @ayeshatakia :-)

Lastly, Here are some funny Tweets by @sakshijuneja a big Sallu fan, tweeted while watching the movie. :-) [Tweets in order of movie sequences]

  • Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted Wanted Tonight Tonight Tonight Tonight Tonight Drooling Drooling Drooling Drooling Drooling
  • Teri maa ..... Kasam. Sal Man rocks!
  • B grade corny shit and I'm loving it!
  • Torn ripped jeans never looked this good. Salman I lub you.
  • When will he remove his shirt. Shirtless sallu is what I paid 300 bucks for me.
  • Okay now this guy is sexier villan than Gajni himself.
  • Sal Man Sal Man Sal Man Sal Man
  • Nikali nikali shirt nikali and WOW! There you Aamir takloo sucker!
  • Okay folks that's it for the night. B grade A class phillum. Sal is the Man!!!!


  1. Anonymous23:46

    You are right, the original is always the best. Vijay in Tamil & Sallu bhai in Hindi try but don't even come close to Mahesh babu's charisma.

  2. Oh, thanks for instant resopnse Anonymous. Now I have to find out the original.

  3. This script is a perfect masala entertainer ,proving it's worth in Telugu & Tamil....

    By ur review i presume it's made it big in Hindi too :)
    The dance moves were the best in this one ;)

    Prabhudeva has made Sallu dance like possessed :D

    Kewl review man :)
    will try to see it asap...

    keep blogging :)

  4. Bollyspice loved it even when comparing it to the original, so I'm gonna have to look it up as soon as it comes out on DVD. I'm glad you liked it!

  5. I'm excited for Wanted. Plus I'm extra happy that you loved it.

    You can watch the original Pokiri on YouTube here


  6. Sat_hi_sh

    Well I need to see Pokiri. Yes, the moves are so unique and fun, afterall, its Prabhudeva man.... Thanks for your kind words. Looking forward to your views.

    Yes, I read that bollyspice review. So glad that Salman is back :) Will be waiting for ur take on Hindi one.

    Yes, I know you like Sallu ;) He and Ayesha makes a good pair. And yeah, I loved it, don't know why but yes !! Thanks for the link.

  7. I'm glad you liked it!!

    I'm going to try and go sometime this week! :)

  8. I am sure u'll love this movie cause you are a Masala fan, Filmi Girl. :)

  9. the screenplay and editing are at it's best in.original.the roughness in sallu is comparitevilly less.the original POKIRI(telugu) is unique.

  10. KV, welcome and Thanks for your comment. This means I have to find a good disc [with subs] of Pokiri. Thanks for recco.

  11. Hi Darshit! Finally I'm catching up on your great posts. Enjoyed Wanted, glad you liked it too! We agree on the rating :) Do you remember if the 'Oh Oh Oh' song was included in the print you saw? We didn't get it in ours.

    I'm really looking forward to London Dreams.

  12. Just saw a print ad
    'Now with an Added song' watch Wanted!!!

    Got it?!! :P

    Yes, the song was not included earlier. But I think there were enough song that an action flick can have, nahi??

    I am having some doubts for 'vipul shah's LD. but its Sallu [Mann ko ati bhave...] whose madness will make me go to the theatre. [oh,, and Asin too :P]

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  14. Excellent review here...

    Here's my review of the movie...and some extra thoughts.






  15. Masterpraz

    Thank you very much. Thanks for the links too. Heading over to them now. :)

  16. I'm copying and pasting what I commented for TBF

    Hey there!

    I will post a full review soon and later comparisons.

    Wanted is an awesome film. It's just like Pokiri but with Sallu & Bollywood style. Sallu is no Mahesh Babu. That's true but what people fail to realize is that Mahesh is no Sallu either.

    As much as I absolutely love Mahesh, he's always done a bunch of action, masala movies.

    Sallu is all that plus more. Not only that, Sallu is more believable in action roles than Mahesh.

    My son was talking about how Sallu had the body of an action hero (Van Diesel, The Rock) more than Mahesh.

    Plus Ayesha is more likeable than Ileana (from the Telugu Pokiri).

    I refuse to sit and watch the Tamil Pokiri because Vijay does nothing for me. Even though I like Asin, I don't know if I can watch it.

    The Tamil version literally just translates the Telugu songs into Tamil.

    Unlike the Hindi version....at least the Hindi version, the songs are different.

    Again, Sallu is amazing at the dancing! Much kudos to Prabhu Deva. That guy is amazing! He did a great job.

    Prakash Raj seems to be the only one who has been in all three films - Telugu, Tamil, & Hindi versions. I'm sad that Mumaith Khan wasn't in the Hindi version. She rocks.

    Okay, I've rambled on and on but I loved it :)

  17. Hey Thanks Nicki for the comment. Actually I would love to see the comparisons between the two. Cause many southie watchers saying that Mahesh Babu was better in original. And now you tell that Salman is better [yay]. So it would be interesting read your take on both.


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