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So after Terabytes of reviews and thoughts about A R Rahman's first post-Oscar soundtrack... [oops, did I forget to put TM in Oscar?? :P] I finally declare that I am liking the soundtrack of BLUE gradually. Yes it sounds little odd cause most of the reviews / thoughts I've read, are boasting about the music. But I was dizzy when the promos started to pour in. Music did not sound quite 'Rahman'ish. But after getting the soundtrack on my Ipod, I am liking it with each listening.

Chiggy Wiggy : The song I was desperately waiting for. I love Kylie Minogue hopelessly :P So definitely this would be drooling experience to see her in a Hindi movie. First portion of track is obviously superb with silly silly words and singing of Kylie. But when I heard the Sonu part for the first time, I was annoyed ! Maybe cause he disturbed me and distracted me from Kylie. And the typical words, Heeriye, Jaaniye, Soniye were let down. But after some more listening I actually loving the portion much more than Kylie's portion. The way Sonu starts his 'antara' is so so much fun. And the line 'chiggy wiggy chiggy wiggy chig chig' got me stuck!!

Aaj Dil : What it reminds me of are two things : Daud and Baywatch ! Baywatch just for the piano pieces mixed in compositions. And the singing is so much like 'O bhaware' from Daud in First part of the song, which picks up immediately and whoa!! Shreya sprinkles her magical new voice. She overshadows Sukhvinder completely. Shreya here reminds me of Jism, when she stunned everyone who loved sweet singer of Devdas. In a same fashion of Jism, this song too ends up with giggles of Shreya. Love it!! Perfect for a beach outing.

Fiqrana: Rahman !! It has Rahman written all over it. Its a Yuva part 2 song. But a step ahead of it, just listen it LOUDER. Close your eyes and you can feel yourself standing at a cliff !! Or as @thebollywoodfan once tweeted, a perfect song to play in your car on a long ride at 2am !! The best part of the song is the techno portion - Hoon Junoon Sukooon Main Shararaaaa.... WOW!!! But still I want more from it. I wanted this song to be sung by A R Rahman himself. [and I think he will open up his next 'Jai Ho' concert with this song, Damn sure!!] [and thank God, Farhan Akhtar denied offer to sing this song]  Also loved lyrics of the song, its here.

Bhoola Tujhe [Mere Khuda] : My most favorite track !! A Guitar string track. And soothing voice of Rashid Ali. What else one need when Rahman composes a track for his beloved 'Khuda'!! Though the lyrics [by Rajat Arora] are tricky, I loved them. Such a soulful track. [Here's lyrics]. 

Blue Theme : Punjabi??? Oh no not again....but hey its Rahman. So i must watch out for this.  And man!! the song is Bombastic!! The sound 'Ba--loooo' makes it simply unique.

Rehnuma : A let down track for me. It sound so so much identical to the Bond series songs. No doubt Shreya sings it like never before. And sound is so Mysterious [which I usually love, remember 'Aaj ki raat' from Don] But the song fails to hold my attention even after numerous listenings. Lets see how it comes up on screen [did anyone said 'Scorching Hotttt !! :P]

Yaar Mila Tha :
Udit Narayan+Rahman. A combination which guarantee some refreshing and fun outing. This song features very limited sound of music. A funky tribal touch and Udit doing hip-hop'ish' act with Madhushree... Fun.

Overall, its a highly commercialized Rahman this time. But even with that tag, he lives up to expectations. This album surely will not end up in his own league of Best soundtracks ever, but still BLUE is commercial at its best.

My Picks : Bhoola Tujhe, Chiggy Wiggy & Fiqrana .


  1. I can't wait to hear this. Great review!

  2. Heard all the songs mate :)
    ARR rocks ;)

    bot was disappointed that the English version of the theme music was not released :(

  3. I've seen "Chiggy Wiggy Chiggy Wiggy" tweeted about six million times from various desi people over the past week. LOL Good to know Kylie's sticking to what works for her!

  4. Nice. I love Rehnuma..I think the song speaks a lot about the film. Let's see how it turns out on screen.

  5. shell
    Thanks :) do let me know then.

    Definitely ARR Rocks. But I think ppl have started allegations on that sound piece you are talking abt. Whatever, but the track is really awesome, maybe later it would be introduced as BGM on rahmaniac.

    Whoa!! That's certainly a huge amout of Tweets. The desi people are on high these days on Twitter :) And yes, Kylie is best :P

    I too has that feeling that Rehnuma will grow after watching it in background of blue mysterious waters. Imagine Lara going deep and find 'Khazana' !!

  6. Anonymous05:14

    What do you mean by "the lyrics by Rajat Arora are 'tricky?"

    I felt that they are good but Rashid Ali's lousy pronunciations butchered them.

    And I wish Fiqrana were sung by Farhan. No offense to Vijay Prakash's (I actually like his voice in those 3-4 hindi songs he has rendered for ARR and Illayaraja), but I felt that his voice just doesn't do full justice the tashan of this song. It sounds too humble, too earnest.


  8. vishal12

    Well what I meant by Tricky, was the Urdu words in it. I am quite behind when it comes my way :). I can't understand them much.

    And I don't think Rashid has done a bad job at all. He is just perfect for it. May be its time when Rahman is looking for his alternate voice, and Rashid is one of them.

    And I think Farhan couldn't have sing at this much higher pitch. I loved Farhan in RO, but stilll, Fiqrana is not his piece of pie.

    Nice to have your views though. Welcome and keep visiting.

    hey, you are always welcome. Thanks for stopping by.


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