Without You........

I found today,
A note of yours,
On which you had scribbled,
A Varis Shah couplet

Upon reading which
A teardrop fell,
What was locked in the eyes,
Was revealed today.

That other than you,
These tears of mine,
Won’t be kissed by
None else
That other than you,
These tears of mine
Will wither in the dust
___________________________Varis Shah [sung by Rabbi Shergill in his album Rabbi

I found these lyrics really amazing, this is actually a translation. Original song goes like this…….

Millia si ajj mainu,
Tera ik patra,
Likhia si jis te,
Tum shayr Varey Shah da

Parh ke si osnu
Hanjhu ik duliya
Akhan ‘ch band si
Ek raaz ajj khulia

Ki tere bin
Eh mere hanjhu
Kise hor nahio chumna

Ki tere bin
Eh mere hanjhu
Mitti vich rulnha.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous09:10

    hey dunk...if i had heard this notes frm Rabbi himself,it wont have had matter much...but coming this frm u - it means a WORLD TO ME.


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