Dus...- Movie Review

Hear now here now, everybody put your hands up in the air now……dus bahane karke le gaye dil………..

This is running in your mind when u come out from hall. Damn catchy song. Really ‘hap’. Abhi & Zayed lights up the screen in startup of the movie. Absolutely energetic. Title song includes snaps from movie also. And at the end of the song, four black Black cars stops behind each other [with ‘that’ music’] & stars come out from them one by one. Oh my god ‘am I watching a HINDI movie?’ u will think. Title ‘DUS’ comes only after the song.

Movie starts off pretty well. Description of each character is really interesting. For one second u will think about ‘xxx’ or ‘M:I’ but that for one second only. Movie is so much original. I couldn’t figure out any ‘inspired’ scene or plot.

Plot is like this. Sanjay is the head of ATC [anti terrorist cell]. He has got info about 10th May, that something will cause death for many people. When? How? Where? Why? Whom? He doesn’t know. Certainly ATC has been given notice by Govt. to close Dept. in seven days. [all this happens on 4th May, movie is divided date by date which is good]. So Sanjay has only seven days to save people and also to save his Dept. Abhi, Shilpa, and Zayed works for him. Both boys go to Canada to solve mystery. Sunil Shetty comes here & Esha also. And the ride starts.

Ok, I’m not revealing it all. But ya I must give full marks to Anubhav-The director; that not a single point is there where we feel ‘’yawn, this is another bollywood potboiler’’ Editing is really slick. Though its not smooth as ‘dhoom’ but well done.

Some mysterious characters really make this movie interesting. Ya story gets a very very very little bit slow [0.5%] after interval, but that’s OK. [may be it was done, to free viewers from ride].

Only two songs, yeah, relief. ‘Deedar de’ rocks as well as title song. Vishal Shekhar scores rocking. The theme is really good. Sets are also good.
So is cinematography. Characters are caricatured and casted so perfectly. Everyone is doing their part very well. Pankaj Kapoor steals the show. He is really a treat to watch. Sanjay & Shilpa makes a nice pair. Abhi plays the same of Dhoom. But nice. Zayed, very well. I don’t know but he carrys a sparklight with him. Whenever he comes on screen, there is a spark. Diya is again like ‘parineeta’, just ‘there’. Sunil looks lost, so is Raima. Esha Deol looks very suitable for role she plays. Actually no one has more to play. But Pankaj Kapoor wins the race.

I was quite unhappy with climax. Wht I thought wasn’t there. I thought about chilling thrilling climax. But this was little bit up the OK. All in all a must watch movie if u r a film buff. Iwill give it 3.75 stars.


One word or phrase for the film: ‘Dus bahane karke…’

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