Favourite Truck Songs

I was being selfish, when I earlier deleted this post. Because I wanted people read my Billu review first. I thought after that I would publish this one. But I felt bad, and tBF too insisted, so here I publish this post again.

After Favorite Car Songs post by theBollywoodFan; I got so many ideas to make a playlist about such songs. After going through some options, I zeroed on TRUCKS. The heavy vehicles with light hearted drivers. Most of them in India, are dominated by Punjabi people, especially jolly Sardars.

Indian trucks are always colorful. Mostly Orange. And behind them, there is always something written. Shayaris, names of family members and philosophical [!!] quotes too…. That makes them so special.

Here I have selected 10 songs, having trucks in them. I know there are many more, but I could find these so far. Please let me know if there are any more songs. At the end of the post, I have put my Youtube Playlist of all songs.

10. Musafir Jaane Wale [Gadar]: Udit Narayan’s rendition and Uttam Singh’s brilliant score made this song so special. I am not a fan of this movie, but somehow the music touches chord in me. What makes it more special is crooning of lady in background [Preeti Uttam]. Sunny Paaji has also done good job driving truck along with Amisha Patel. Visuals were disturbing, showing partition of India. The movie was based on original Punjabi movie starring Gurdas Maan – ‘Shaheed-e-Mohabbat’ with superb score by Nusrat Saab. But it did not have any truck song.

09. Prem Dagariya [Chalte Chalte]: Shah Rukh Khan – as a truck driver !!??!! Well, not really. But in this song, he is a truck driver. Carrying heavy load of Rani Mukerjee :-). Again, Udit Narayan takes over the mic, and sings the Jatin Lalit composition. One of the last soundtrack of the duo. This is more fun unlike earlier song of Udit. And quite enjoyable while going out on trip.

08. Humne Ghar Chhoda Hai [DIL]: Aamir…… How can I forget this song? This was the movie from which Aamir became my most favorite. [in the time of QSQT, I was a little kid]. The typical, truck with dry Grass in it. Song starts with good view of truck going over road. And the chemistry – Aamir+Madhuri. Wow. Again, Udit Narayan [this guy is awesome!!] with music of Anand-Milind.

07. Chori Chori Hum Gori Se [Mela]: Fun Fun. This was below average movie. But music by Anu Malik was good. The song itself is really fun. [Udit Narayan, Again, he is unstoppable]. Thanks to theBollywoodFan, for reminding me that this song is from Mela, not from The Guru. This movie was based on Nasir Hussain’s Carvan. A story revolving completely around a Truck and Two truck drivers. Here played by Aamir and his brother Faisal Khan. See this song in my playlist, there is a surprise in it too. .

06. Awaraa Bhanware [Sapanay]: Well, you would jump now and say where is truck in this one?? There is, okay for so little time, but the visuals were superb so its hard to resist. Just imaging Kajol, lying on corn, in truck. Yellow color creates unforgettable image. And add Rahman’s music and Hema Sardesai’s mesmerizing rendition…

05. Mere Humsafar [Mere Humsafar]: Jeetendra and beautiful Sharmila tagore. Standing (!!) in a truck. Sings this love ballad. Mukesh & Lata Mangeshkar lends their voice for this beautiful Kalyanji Anandji composition. The beats of Tabla makes it unique [later to inspire same titled song in Refugee, with same kinda beats].

04. San San Woh Chali Hawa [Kagaz ke Phool]: Why do I love this song?? Just because of this reason -

Waheeda Rahman looks so so beautiful. With the dream pairing-Guru Dutt. Though they are sitting in a car, song is sung by a group going ahead of them in a truck. Group led by Mehmood !! Again, a truck with dry grass in it. S.D.Burman gave memorable tracks in this legendary movie.

03. Yeh Honsla [Dor]: A song about determination and to believe in yourself. Stunning voice of Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan and great score by Salim-Suleiman. The song is weaved so well in the movie, and the visuals of Kashmir to Rajasthan, make it memorable. Add Gul Panag’s expressions and song dives into your heart. [I couldn’t find video in Youtube India, but I am sure in other Youtube versions, the video is there, do watch it, its fabulous]

02. Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hai [Guide]: Till last moment, I didn’t recall if this has truck in it. Only a day before yesterday, I was watching this movie and I jumped at this song. Lovely Waheeda ji again, and this time in a standard truck [Filled with grass you know :-) ] As declared earlier many times, I love Waheeda Ji. And again, music by S.D.Burman. The immortal song by Lata Mangeshkar. My all time favorite of her and Waheedaji’s too.

01. Nazarein Milana [Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa]: I know everybody has assumed this one. Grass, goats and all friends. Singing a rocking song in truck. Having fun together. A R Rahman with a great bunch of singers [Anupama, Naresh, Tanvi, Shweta, Chakraborthy, Darshna]. The young feeling is allover and you get along it like you are travelling with them. And great looking Genelia, awesome. An easy one to top my chart.

Here is my playlist.

Honorable mention to movie Caravan here. A superb movie revolving around truck and truckers. Jeetendra and Asha Parekh gave memorable performance. Equally great movie and music too. I am sure there is song in truck, but I can’t recall it.

I couldn’t resist to put in some interesting scenes too. Dil Chahta Hai has this funny sequence involving truck. Truck is not shown, but we could see by expressions of Saif, that how tough it is to sit in a truck from Bombay to Goa !!

A noteworthy scene is from Sarfarosh. Aamir goes to a Dhaba (a highway hotel where truckers hangout), surrounded by trucks and says this powerful dialogue: “Kya Thakur, tere ko kitni baar bola, tu aata nahi?”

And lastly opening credits of Oye Lucky Lucky Oye !! Designed in line with drawings on the trucks. Also the title song has got words “oh jee, truckaa vala geet hai jee”. A near miss from my charts, just because it doesn’t sport the vehicle.

So there, this is my list. Any new list is coming up???senyum


  1. Anonymous23:54

    Great list! How about "Bunty aur Babli"? I love the one from Kagaz ke Phool, Waheedaji looks so absolutely gorgeous!

  2. My top pick is the one from Guide!

    Also, that song from Gadar, not really a truck song I think (haven't seen the video for ages) but it went like Main Nikla Gaddi Leke...I find that one very entertaining! lol.

    Good list though! :)

  3. All these songs are nice! 'Main Nikla Gaddi Le Ke' would be in my top two as well, for sure! I also liked 'Dil Dance Maare' in Tashan (the movie I disliked). I'm glad you remember #7! I'm going to try to see Mela again soon, that one scene with Johnny Lever (and more) makes it worthwhile, LOL.

    Good going with the scenes, too. The ones I can think of immediately are in QSQT, Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahin, and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

    Thanks for bringing back this list Darshit. Enjoyed it :)

  4. Anonymous10:41

    ajnabi: Humm..That's a good one. I loved that movie and music. And Yeah, Waheeda ji looked most fab in b/w movies.

    Bhargav: Main nikla gaddi leke - was the first I thought of. But there was not the vehicle in its picturisation (I hope I am right). So I have to drop it. But It surely is 'the' song about truck.

    theBollywoodFan: OOops...I totally forgot 'Dance Maare'. I too don't like the movie, but the song was fantastic. Total Desi. With so very much colorful trucks. Filmed at my fav location - Ladakh.

    And to Mela, best of luck for re-watch :-). LOL to that Johnny scene. It was tacky but funny. [and copied from Dumb 'n DUmber the movie !! I just found that]

    Help me with QSQT scene. I cant recall it. And other two are so good. Nice picks !!

  5. ***SPOILER for those who haven't seen QSQT***

    When Raj and Rashmi have escaped, Raj's bike breaks down, and they have no choice but to ask a nasty trucker for a lift.

    ***End spoiler***

    I think you're right about Main Nikla Gaddi Le Ke, but gosh, it's still cool :)

    Oh, and your post reminds me of a lot of the artwork one tends to find on trucks and rickshaws even. I remember once seeing a rickshaw with the following words: 'Jannat Ki Hawa', ROTFL. There was an article several years ago, I think in National Geographic or some other publication that covers cultures, that talked about South Asian truck art. Many of these guys spend over Rs. 100,000 on the artwork alone! Who would've thought?

  6. Oh, fabulous! The truck art is truly beautiful. Here's an advertising tidbit. I think Lintas wanted to advertise OK! soap and their target market was truckers and such. So they paid truckers to put OK! between the two words 'Horn' and 'Please'. The campaign got over ages ago but to this day, truck artists paint 'Horn OK! Please' :-D

    Another fave truck song- Hum Dono Do Premi starring Zeenat Aman and Rajesh Khanna. Lovely song and Zeenat looks extremely beautiful :)


  7. DUH!!!!!!! It's a train song, not a truck song! Sorry :-)

  8. tBF: Thanks for the spoiler, I mean scene :-)
    Yes, artwork behind such vehicles are so much interesting. Also can you remember filmi posters 'inside' rickshaws? They also shows how filmy Indians are, na !!
    Man, I want to see those 100,000 artwork trucks (is anyone thinking of a Painting Exhibition?? ;-D)

    Pitu: Welcome welcome !!
    Had Lintas story really happend? [you have put, 'I think'? If it is so, then its the Biggest campaign ever.
    And no worries about the train song, its very good, I forgot about it, as a train song.

  9. The list is nice. Very thoughtful too. I never really paid attention to the truck songs. One of my fave truck songs is from the Salman/Kajol movie Pyar Kiya To Darna kya called "Deewana Main" - okay, not really a truck song but has a bit of Sallu's trip to see Kajol.

  10. Anonymous10:17

    Fabulous list Darshit. I'd never heard Yeh hosla before. Its awesome. And I'd never have thought of Awara bhanware as a truck song! lol There is a lovely truck song in Kashmir Ki Kali - Subhanallah haseen chehra - Shammi Kapoor in burkha, dancing and singing! :-D

  11. Nicki: Thats very good one. I can easily put it into my favorite list of Udit's songs. Lovely Kajol. Lovely movie.

    bollyviewer:Thanks. So glad you liked 'Yeh Honsla'. Fabulous song from fabulous movie. Do listen to whole soundtrack, its awesome Rajasthani folk.

    And thanks a ton. For Kashmir ki Kali. Just two days back, I was discussing with a friend 'there IS a truck song in K.k.k. but I cant remember it' Both of us tried hard but couldn't find it. [I dont Google too much, we should give our brain some exercise, what say??]. So thanks a lot for the song. Its brilliant.

  12. Sarah11:05

    Chori Chori Hum Gori Se [Mela]

    actually that song is composed by Rajesh Roshan.

    Anu only composed dhadkhan mein tum, mela theme songs, tujhe rab ne banaya. The rest were Rajesh I think.

  13. Sarah
    Thats quite intersting trivia there. Must check out now. Thanks for pointing out.

  14. hii
    i am jiah, one more truck song you can add this song is picuurised on sanjeev kumar film is namkeen and son-rah pe rehte hai .. writeen and directed by gulzar saheb, this is very uniq song for truckwala

  15. Hi Jiah. Welcome to the blog.

    Yes, will be adding the song soon as my Broadband will be repaired. Thanks for the tip. I didn't knew about the song :)


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