Luck By Chance – Music Review

I am confused. Always, always I am confused between Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy [referred in here as SEL] and A R Rehman. I don't want to compare the two, but naturally comparison ho jaati hai. Rehman gives such stupendous score in each film. While SEL gives music, which is totally involved in the film. One can not think anything but the movie itself. Like in TZP, Rock On – which we have heard recently. Tracks are so dedicated to the movie itself.

Luck By Chance, is a movie about Film Industry, aspirations of youth to join it and hopes higher then sky. To become star, a big star in this wide wide sky. So here, SEL presents a really interesting combination of tracks for the movie. While daddy dearest Javed Akhtar gave some nice words to it. After all, its Zoya Akhtar's debut as Director.

Yeh Zindgi Bhi: The album starts off with a track that describes the theme, even story of the film. Loy Mendonsa & Shekhar [of Vishal-Shekhar] gives voice to this beautiful rendition. Its about ambition and aspirations. And where does life takes them. Song starts with low note, and Shekhar adds special touch and cozy feel. In its peak, the song gets vast feeling and following words describes the feel of the movie. Shekhar of Vishal-Shekhar pair, has sung this, while in Dostana - Shankar Mahadevan sung Desi Girl. Now that's what I call Professionalism. The tradition of singing in other musician's work is going really good places.

Jo palko ke tale, hai apne sapne leke chale, ha kah do woh chale sambhalke;

Naa karna koi gile, kahi jo thokar aisi lage, ke sapne toote Aansu Chhalke''

Will you translate this for me theBollywoodFan???

Baawre : We get another surprise, another performance by Loy. I am just surprised why he had not been singing till now. This is kinda desi track. Starts off with qawaali kind of rendition by Shankar. This track is mad mad mad ride to Bollywood. The colorful movies with chorus dancing and dancing stars. Close your eyes and you can see colorful Bollywood around you. Lyrics are also apt for this feel. I would not call this Foot Tapping, but Body Rocking. You oughta see Hrithik dancing to this tune. He is superbly awesome. Here is the video….

Interestingly, this tune goes Don way after first half. The Don theme, which featured in SRK theme, this is exactly same. Don't be surprised if you get to see SRK on the screen. Also the Last track Baawre [remix] is very much same as Don's remix theme.

Pyaar Ki Dastaan: Now, we have to take at least one love ballad, if this is movie about Bollywood, no? Here, SEL special. Lovely as usual SEL songs are. Amit Paul [runner-up of Indian Idol 3] teams up with ever dependable Mahalaxmi. This is quite a mix of Chup chup ke [Bunty/babli] & Mera Dil [Salaam-e-ishq]. So smooth and lovely words. Predictable words, though, you will love the track.

Yeh Aaj Kya Ho Gaya : Smooth, is the main word of this album. All tracks are so smooth, I just love them. This is a soft rock kinda song by Sunidhi. She leave us thinking why SEL didn't took her in Rock On?? Drums, keyboard and vocals everything is so fine. The song is about Morning, and hope, which comes by every new dawn. Yaay, I want more of this,SEL, keep going on…

Sapno Se Bhare Naina:Finally, here came track which I was waiting for. Since the first promos were out, I was dying to listen this fabulous track. Shankar Mahadevan, proves to be Most Versatile Singer, in this industry. Song starts with slow rendition with Classical Fusion touch. And goes damn well with Bass. The words expresses depression and struggle of a newcomer. We already have seen in promos.

Interesting part of the track is halfway. Where Shankar does his fantastic job, the Sargam [indian classical] sung is damn damn good. I cant get enough of this track.

O Raahi Re..: Guitar. I just love this thing. And when Ehsaan is playing that… This track surely going to him. And again, Shankar shows his versatality. Such great singing. Such great arrangment. Oh my God, I am in love with this track. So soothing, it reminds of S D Burman's songs. About raahi, about life. Great great.

I would again request you theBollywoodFan to translate this. These two songs are so good, that it shall reach to all.

Damn, I am so eager to watch all these tracks on screen. Add Konkona Sen & Farhaan to this. I am chewing my nails….. Overall, this is surely a good soundtrack. I would rate this 4 out of 5. Go for it.


  1. I loved the soundtrack. Baawre is brilliant and the video looks even better! I'm totally convinced with your review. Luck by Chance deserves a 4 on 5. Can't wait for the movie!

    Happy New Year!

  2. I'm trying so freakin' hard *not* to ruin this movie with overblown expectations, but it gets more difficult the more I see of it. And SEL are my favorite composers, even though Rahman is a close second. ;-)

  3. Jo palko ke tale, hai apne sapne leke chale,
    ha kah do woh chale sambhalke

    Naa karna koi gile, kahi jo thokar aisi lage,
    ke sapne toote Aansu Chhalke

    Those who move (forward) with dreams in their eyes, beware!
    Don't complain if your dreams are shattered and eyes moist (with tears).

    It's, as you know, basically a warning. And I think it also serves as a warning to Ajnabi and myself (LOL) to not expect too much from it. In the bigger picture, it is a film by a new director and fairly new actor, lest we end up with too many dreams of a good film =)

    I really like the soundtrack, although in all my arrogance of fandom (not!), S-E-L could use some consistency in the quality of their soundtracks. Having said that, in my book at least, they're behind only Rahman and Ismail Darbar.


  4. Bhargav: Yes, Baawre is my most favorite track of this soundtrack. I loved how Hrithik danced to it.

    Ajnabi: Yes, that's why I put i am always confused between the two. Can't we choose both as Best? ;-D

    theBollywoodFan: As Ajnabi also has put, I think I should not keep higher expectations from this. Otherwise as this song suggest, I will start to hate it if it is not fulfilled. OK. Thanks for warning. Cause even in past, a writer-daughter - Meghna Gulzar had not done *great* job with Filhaal .

    And thanks for the translation. But I have requested to translate Both - Yeh zindagi and O Raahi Re on Your post, cause they are fabulous and should reach to wider audience who cant understand Hindi words.

    And yes, SEL are not consistent. Maybe they are more Director/story driven. But whenever they deliver, they are fabulous. I know they gave some disastrous stuff in past.

    Its been long time I m hearing from you. Must be busy with Holidays ;-). Hoping to hear more from you in future.

  5. Anonymous23:31

    Its all about what you demand and what you get. The directors SEL worked in past specially if you talk about salam-e-ishq havent asked about good music...they satisfied with just music. SEL being in business have to deliver.

    I am not biased but they give great music and have understanding about music as well. If you pick up Sapno Se bhare Naina of this album its Raag Bhairavi fused in the song and hence you like it.

    But I would agree with you is that they make music for the movie and this solely depends on the director of the movie. Its about vision you envisage...and if director fails it crashes...and partially blame goes to SEL as well as they dont carefully select projects for that matter.

  6. Aby:
    Welcome to my blog. And thanks a lot for the comment.

    I am totally agree with your perception there, about Director's demands. Its Director who is responsible for getting good music. In past, SEL gave really bad score in Ek aur Ek Gyarah. May be David Dhawan's choice.

    Thanks for giving name of Raga. Shankar indeed is damn good classical singer. Can we see more of him??

  7. Anonymous20:53

    Can someone please put up the translated lyrics for pyaar ki dastaan. ive searched the web and cant find anything :(

  8. Anonymous00:24

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  9. Sarah11:08

    This is my #1 soundtrack of 2009, It is absolute MAGIC

  10. Sarah
    It will be really tough choice between this and Delhi6. I always feel sad when Rahman and SEL are nominated together in any awards. I wish both of them would be awarded this time.


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