Delhi-6 Music Review

He's back. He's back. I think Rahman has just decided now, not to get disappeared from audience for long. Cause whenever we get enough of his great score, he is ready with another superior soundtrack. And man, 'Delhi 6' just proves that. This may sound cliche, but this is best of him in recent time. Superb in terms of compositions and singing and verities of tracks is great. He gives 3 devotional tracks !!, Two love songs,  Two fun songs and Two Indian classical ones. A journey worth to go for -

Just go through the list of singers first- that itself is showing how versatile the album is. Singers including, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali khan, Rekha Bhardwaj, Kishori Gowarikar, Kailash Kher, Shreya Ghoshal, Mohit Chauhan, Shradha Pandit and all these days regular Rahman singers like Benny, Javed Ali, Tanvi, Bony, Chinmayee, Blaze and so on...

Here are my thoughts -

       Masakali : By now, this 'little bit weird lyrics' has got so much famous. And Sonam is getting more and more fans after it. Naturally I was so much desperate to hear this in full. The track starts off with crooning of Mohit Chauhan-The New and Improved one. Followed by beautiful Accordion sound. After 'Aye Hairathein Aashiqui' in Guru, Rahman again uses this beautiful instrument, and it works like magic.

Mohit Chauhan sounds so different unlike his earlier love ballads. And he sounds awesome. Tricky lyrics of Prasoon Joshi, gives this song a totally different feel. The song itself set atmosphere of Delhi in early morning. Wow....can't wait to see this on screen. And here are the lyrics [most wanted these days !!]

      Arziyan : Master of Sufi, Rahman - at it again ! After fabulous tracks like 'Piya Haji Ali' & 'Khwaja', this time around he goes far higher with 9 minutes rendition of the track sung by Javed Ali and later joined by Kailash Kher. I swear, this track lead me to tears in my eyes. Lyrical bliss. After such long track, I wished this could go on and on.

Here are the beautiful words of Prasoon Joshi.

      Delhi 6 : Finally, we get a song about Dilli. So many songs are there for Mumbai, but this is I think a first for Delhi. Looking at Director Rakeysh's attachment to his city, this is surely is idea of putting up a KOOL track for his beloved city. This is a smooth track, which surely is gonna hit the dance floors very soon.

      Hey Kala Bandar : Keeping tempo of earlier track, this one is going a notch higher. With rap by Bony; Naresh and Karthik does superbly body shaking number. But hey, this is no short fall for lyrics. Again some 'off beat' lyrics of Prasoon, bowled me over. By the time track goes to the climax, it goes a lyrical blast. Though we have to listen very carefully to understand what its all about. Kooooll....

Interestingly, this track has some portion, chorus singing, which I clearly identify with 'Dil Ka Rishta' from Yuvvraaj. Hummm...

      Rehna Tu..: Rahman, he always selects the Best track from all in the album, to be sung by himself. And every time he turns out to be The Best. Here, he sounds so much so very much in tune and with perfect pronunciation. The track is kinda extension to 'Tu Bole Main Bolu' and 'Behka'. Beats are like that. Jazzy feel. But Rahman adds his special touch, making an outstanding track. Backing by Benny Dayal and Tanvi Shah. Simply the Best of the Album.  Love is all around in this track. With valentine day around, this would be perfect for it.

      Dil Gira Daftan : Love is in the air, again. A continuation to earlier track, this is absolutely Lovely track, I can see hearts falling on me while listening to this one. Ash King gives serious competition to Rahman from earlier track. And in terms of singing, he wins. The track is kind of love ballad in line with - 'Tu Bin Bataye' 'Kahin to...' and 'Tu Muskura...'. Backing vocals of Chinmayee [Tere Bina-Guru] adds special touch to this simple, less instruments - more vocal, track. Ash King is superb superb. Again Prasoon pens some superb lyrics, proving his 'best'ness among today's poets.

Can anyone tell me what Daftan is ? It sounds so lovely, I am sure it means also something like that.

      Genda Phool : Genda Phool means a flower of Marigold. And this track, boasts variations like thousand petals of the flower. A folk song mainly sung on occasions like marriages. First 48 seconds are so simple, we misunderstand it with pure classical one. And suddenly it goes western. The fusion is so very much interesting. Rekha Bharadwaj, Shraddha Pandit, Sujata Majumdar,V.N. Mahathi - All versatile singers does perfect job in this one.

      Bhor Bhaye : Remember, those old days, when only All India Radio was on air? And Shashtriya Gaan, was spreading in morning air from radio !! Ahh....the golden days - are back again. Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan & Shreya Ghoshal comes up with a Gujri Todi Raga. In first 50 seconds, the sound is like that it is coming from Radio. And it comes alive with 51st second and Shreya steals the show. She again proves that she is not just limited to sing love songs, but is completely in tune with earthy, classical notes. Stupendous. 

      Aarti [Tumre Bhavan Mein]: Rekha Bharadwaj, Kishori Gowariker, Shraddha Pandit, Sujata Majumdar teams up for this devotional track. Slight touch of Awadhi boli, this one is dedicated to Maa Amba. A beautiful soothing track, must have been used as situational one.

      Noor : Whats better, than ending the album with Amitabh's powerful voice? He recites words of Love. Which goes like this.

zarre zarre mein usi ka noor hai,
zhank khud me, woh na tujhse door hai...

ishq hai uss se toh sab se ishq kar,
iss ibadat ka yahi dastoor hai..

iss mein, uss mein, aur uss mein hai wohi,
Pyaar mera Har taraf Bharpoor hai...........

My Rating : 4.5 / 5
My Top Picks: Arziyan, Rehna Tu, Masakali, Dil Gira Daftan.

Naturally, after such an outstanding album, the expectations go Sky High. It would be really interesting how these songs are shaped on screen. But again, looking at Masakali and Arziyan promos, the thing is assured that it will be treat for eyes too. Below is Arziyan, where most of the starcast is revealed. And outstanding view of Jama Masjid.
P.S.: I just love Waheeda ji.


  1. I loved all the tracks. Probably one of my most favourite soundtracks till date. I've posted my review too; couldn't resist giving it a 5 on 5 :)

    PS: The way you describe each and every track is brilliant! Keep it up.

  2. Great review! I haven't listened to it yet. I'm eager to see Sonam in another role.

  3. Anonymous07:50

    Thanks for reviewing this. I have come to know Rahman better since I've read blogs like yours. And this Rahman-Prasoon combination is great as they did an excellent job in Ghajini.

    P.S. Thank you for adding me in that 'Great Blogs' list. I don't feel my blog is great enough to be added there :)

  4. Yo Darshit, I've only read the rating and last paragraph. Am listening some more before I write about it, which should be by Thursday morning IST. Will let you know as soon as I have it up. Cheers!

  5. Anonymous11:17

    daffatan means 'suddenly'
    This word was in Ghulam Ali's famous ghazal "chupke chupke raat din aansu bahana yaad hai"

  6. Anonymous13:34

    Dafatan means Sudden

  7. Bhargav: I read your review instantly after you published it. I agree you on giving 5/5. But I am selfish and dont let Rahman stop here, and I want more from him. :-) so 4.5.

    Thanks again for praising my description, I think you are a good word player then me.

    Nicki: are back at last. Listen to the soundtrack immediately. Also go for Dev D movie soundtrack, i m reviewing it soon. Sonam looks so beautiful and looks promising in promos. I loved her in Saawariya, so this must be watch out for.

    theBollywoodLover: Thanks for your kind words. I m nothing against other great bloggers. I am glad my blog did something worth for you. I like Prasoon since his ad days. He has such fresh state of mind, that he crosses boundaries of lyrics everytime. Remember RDB?? Superb combination of ARR and Prasoon.
    You put great effort for your blog, so you oughta be in that list.

    theBollywoodFan: Hummm....I am angry with you :-( LoL. I know why you have read just last para. Even I do the same, before writing my own. So that other reviews do not affect my work.

    Waiting for your take. And hey, I want you to be here Again, and read the full post :-D

    Anonymous : Both of you - thanks a lot lot. Now I can enjoy the song more then before. Thanks for giving me meaning of 'Daftan'

  8. Anonymous23:33

    I agree with you about the lyrics of this album. I have listened to all songs...there is no doubt that Rahman delivers great music, but lyrics of Prasoon Joshi adds a meaningful soul to that. Remember Taare Zameen Par specially the song Maa or for that matter all the songs. And any great musician like Rahman or SEL provided with creative freedom and supported by brilliant lyricist like Prasoon Joshi would deliver such great music.

    A very well delivered review about the album.

  9. It's so easy to get very involved in this great soundtrack. I see we got the Yuvvraaj beat in Kaala Bandar! =) Agreed on Genda Phool. Dil Gira Dafatan is my favorite. I wonder how long Prasoon Joshi can keep this up -- he's been on an amazing ride. Sonam is looking great in that Masakkali trailer, and I'm looking forward to the film! I like your breakdown of the songs, enjoyed reading it man!

  10. Anonymous17:44

    hi i loved delhi 6 too.

    i think 'daftan ' means suddenly.

    you write quite well.
    keep it up.

  11. When I listen delhi 6 soundtrack for the first time, I only liked the title, Masakali and kala bandar. But soon after I discovered that Arziyan is like a sufi prayer, Javed Ali's voice was spiritual in that track I believe. Genda Phool was ok, but when music stop and starts at the hip hop pace, loved that. And here's my most favorite song which I surely misunderstood when listened for the first time - Dil Gira Daftan. The video is creative too.

    Nice reviews....


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