Bad Movies of 2008

Unlike last year, this year was really bad for movies. So many movies that mad much hype and hoopla around them, failed miserably. Media has gone so much far and further, that each and every movie had been projected more on more despite of the fact, if they has any potential or not. So I decided not to dissect each and every movie in detail. Instead of that, I have made one collage [which will be go on, in next of my posts too..showing average and good films]. This movies are all released in 2008, and to me, none of them worked.

Major disappointments of this year were – [in no particular order]
  1. Tashan 2. Lovestory 2050 3. Hello 4. Drona 5. Yuvvraaj

    Tashan had its wild wild side. It was totally wild in first half, but useless fight sequences and worthless child lovestory between bebo and akki, made me turned off. I prefer Oye Lucky 's cute charming child lovestory over this one. While on the other hand, Lovestory 2050, was much animated in first half in terms of performances. And in the second half, movie itself got animated. While I was thinking of this will be a dawn for sci-fi movie in Hindi Cinema, it proved doom. [though in my review I said good words about it, I can see that no one in industry took lesson about making further more scifi movies].

One of the biggest disappintment to me was Hello. The movie made me loose faith in Chetan Bhagat, whom I adore the most as a writer. He did a damn bad job as scriptwriter for the movie. And add bad performances, bad music, a complete disaster was this. Drona was good in terms of originality of story. But un-necessary special effects, bad editing and doubting performances, made it a failed attempt. Though, I m really looking forward to its sequel. (!!!!) For which, SRK has shown keen interest. Lastly, Yuvvraaj is as all you know, was good only to some four points. Besides them, a big disaster. [four are – Cinematography, Anil, Katrina and Rehman]

Below is collage of all bad movies I had seen this year. 


  1. I don't use Blogger to keep my images. I use Photobucket and Imageshack.

    Too bad, I enjoyed Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic - mainly cause I like kiddy movies. Also enjoyed Bhoothnath, ditto as above. Tashan wasn't that bad to me. It's tolerable but overall, I thought it couldn't been better. Ugly Aur Pagli is disappointing because it tried to be more comedic rather than the emotional original. I blogged on all three of these movies already.

  2. Hey Nicki,

    I think I was expecting much more from Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic. Cause S-E-L's music was good. And Saif, I love. And Bhootnath, din't worked for me. Cause I din't liked show off of 'Grown Up Kids' in songs especially. For Tashan, I already have given reasons.

    Yes, Ugly aur Pagli, was bad. I was expecting another Pyar Ke side effects. And yes, I have read your review long ago. :-)

  3. Anonymous14:49

    All the movies you've mentioned were much-talked-about. But none of them was 'that' good, especially Tashan and Drona. After watching Tashan, I started hating Akshay, Kareena and Saif (not Anil). And, to me, the second disappointment was Drona - Abhishek has just been ignored in 2008.

    But I did like Bhootnath (its music was poor, though).

    Btw, you can't post a large image with its original size. Just click on 'Medium' under 'Image Size' when you upload an image.


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