New Promos - I just love some.....

Its treat for me...such a big lot is coming. Each channel is showing, Exlucsive First Looks of new movies. I just love love it....being exclusive.....
See my this Youtube Playlist.....

I just loved Delhi 6 [amazing music, must be Rahman?!!][from the makers of...RDB]
New York also seems promising. [Nicki, here is John for you]
Aashayein is what i am waiting since long. ....[John again, and Nagesh]
Luck By chance [Shankar Ehsaan] [also Farhan, koko, Juhi...]
Billo Barber [Irrrrrrfan Khan, and Laraaaaa....hummmmm][checkout those girls along with 'star' SRK]
vICTORY [Harman ???!!!! nahiiinnnnnn...looks like Cricket Chak DE??!!]


  1. You're right about YouTube. I don't have to watch tv shows anymore for music videos either! Haha.

    I did see the promos for New York but I really want to see Aashayein! I've been waiting for that movie for too long!

  2. wow..amazing music indeed for Delhi-6, can't wait to hear more!
    John Abraham's movie looks gripping! Love Irfaan Khan in this...thanks for the previews!



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