Oye ! Its Friday... And Jiah Khan ignored !

Oye its friday, the chat show in line with Kofee with Karan, by Farhan Akhtar is finally on air.

Chek out its website. Oyeitsfriday.tv which also features Farhan's blog too.

Its total fun. I assure its worth visit. The show itself is rockin. Just not chat, its stand up comedy and good dance performances. First epi was with Hrithik. Now second was with Aamir. (i missd it, ;-( but wil watch re-telecast.)

Ignored by Aamir.
Yes, the news piece on Headlines Today tells the same. [I couldn't find that online] When interviewed askd abt being left out, she told 'Asin is senior then me, and i admire the publicity stuff. I m kool abt it'. But her face told it all.

And there too.. She was doing promotions - Alone. Poor girl....


  1. Thanks for sharing the Farhan Akhtar link. It's great! I wouldn't worry too much about Jiah, though. Even Asin and Aamir seem to be out on their own. Jiah's been kept under the wraps, I'm sure for a good reason (I don't want to spoil her role for you, so I'll stay quiet :P). I think her first and only trailer releases early next week. Should be fun.

  2. I agree with theBollywoodFan, Jiah has been kept on the dl on everything.


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