Ek Lau Zindgi ki...

Last night i was watching NDTV. There, a certain piece made tears fell off my eyes. Truly a touching one. They were paying tribute to all fighters who lost their lives in the Operation to make our lives safer. One by one their pictures and names were coming, i just couldn't count. What made it much touchy was the background music. The song they have played. Instantly i searched for the song on google and found it. 'Ek lau zindgi ki' from the movie 'AAMIR'. The 'woh ajnabee' girl Shilpa Rao, sings it, straight from heart. Who's lyrics? (as i m putting this post by mobile phone, i couldnt find it)

I still haven't seen the movie. And yet not heard the soundtrack. But the effect was so deep in that news piece. I regret of not listening it earlier. Now, today morning, every other channel is playing the same with different visuals, say disturbing visuals.

Meanwhile news is in, tht they have captured one terrorist (the one whose clear picture is everywhere, wearing Versache jacket). His name includes 'AAMIR'.
Why, God why?

He has confessed 'HE IS FROM PAKISTAN. And wanted to create another 9/11 over here.' And I heard on CNN, 'India is giving speculations about Pakistan. But always this Speculations are proved wrong'.

DEAR U.S. Of A.,
we don't need YOUR stamp on OUR speculations. They ARE true. The World know it. So do you.

here are the heartrending words of the song. And for 'Ek Lau' video – click here.

Gardisho me rehti, behti guzarti, zindgiya hai kitni.
In me se ek hai, teri meri ek hi,
koi ek jaisi apni.

Kar khuda khair kar, aisa anjaam kisi rooh ko na de,
kabhi yahaan..
Gubja muskuraata ek, waqt se pehle
kyun chhod chala tera yeh jahaan.

Ek lau iss tarah kyun bujhi mere mauala,
ek lau zindgi ki, maula.

Dhoop ke ujaale se, aouns ke pyaale se,
khushiya mili humko.
Zyaada maanga hai kahaan,
surhadein naa ho jahaan,
duniya mile humko.

Kar khuda khair kar, uske armaan mein kyun,
bewajah ho koi kurbaan... 


  1. Anonymous06:47

    thanx a lot for the name of the song...

    jai hind!!!

  2. Anonymous15:44

    yeah...dude thanx for d song name...


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