‘Taare Zameen’ Par was inspired !!

OK, Now don't get shocked by that. I am not talking about that Maths teacher's claim, or whatsoever. Here I want to talk about possibility of inspiration for the title of the movie.

Late night, I was listening to Old songs on radio, there I listened to this classic song 'do diwaane shahar mein'. Movie is Gharonda and words were of Gulzar saab. So there, I found interesting mention of words 'Taare Zameen Par'. OK, I must be crazy to find this link, but yes that's only Gulzar's inspiration who can bring down stars on earth, ''when stars lit on earth – sky becomes earth''. Wow. How can he think such imaginative words?

Here is the full version of the song. Great words.

Do diwaane shahar mein, raat mein yaa dopahar mein;
aabodaanaa dhoondhte hai, ek aashiyaanaa dhoondhte hain

in bhool-bhoolaiyyaa galiyon mein apna bhi koi ek ghar hoga,
ambar pe khulegi khidki, yaa khidki pe khula ambar hoga.
aasmani rang ki aankhon me, basane ka bahana dhoondhte hain.

Jab Taare Zameen Par……. 'Taare Zameen Par?'

jab taare zameen par jalte hain, aakash zameen ho jata hain
us raat nahin fir ghar jata, wo chand yahin so jata hain
Pal bhar ke liye in aankhon mein, hum ek zamana dhoondhte hain



  1. Hah, that's a great catch! Gulzaar's a genius. Actually, there was a reference to "[si]taare zameen par" in the song Mohabbat ka Haath in the old classic Howrah Bridge!

    Did you know TZP was originally going to be titled 'High Jump'?

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  3. hummm..seems like interesting trivia. I have to pass through Howrah Bridge now. Another one i got in my mind by reading your comment, ''aao huzoor tumko sitaro pe le chale''. Bad connection. But all starry connection. LOL.

    Yes, i know about TZP. Even i think, last scene of the movie had shown the same.

  4. Anonymous07:31

    Nice Humour :)

  5. Anonymous12:42

    As one big oldies fan, the Gharonda song was the first thing I thought about when I heard the title - Taare Zameen Par. And its not a unique trend either - a lot of new movies are named after songs in older films. Some examples are: (i) Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi which is from the words of the song Teri rab ne bana di jodi of the 70s Manmohan Desai masala-flick Suhaag, (ii) Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na from another Desai flick Aa Gale Lag Ja and the song was Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata, (iii) Bachna Ae Haseenon from a song with the same words in the mukhda from the movie Karz.

    Apart from the plagiarism allegations that I read about for the first time on your blog, I heard that the writer of TZP also claimed that he did most of the direction while Aamir walked off with the credit!

  6. Anonymous13:37

    Hi, Thanks for visiting my filmistan.

    That's great references you talked about. Seems you are really deep into old, classic stuff. Yes, there are plenty of movie titles named after old songs. So the list could go on and on.

    As far as Jaane tu...concerns, the movie contains some moments that the title is apt for it. The old song, itself is a big moment in JTYJN. So there, title proved very much proper.

    Regarding TZP, it was a brainchild of Writer/Creative Director - Amol Gupte. I don't know if he had claimed. But recently I was watching an old interview of Aamir in Programme calle 'Biographies' on Zoom,

    Aamir told that 'When I Saw first rushes of TZP, There were many creative indifferences. So I told Amol that I should back off from this project. And you can continue with your movie with any other producer. After two days Amol called and told to direct the movie itself'.

    [OK, this may not be word to word, but it was almost like this]

    So, there, that's how Aamir got to direct this movie. But he din't let Amol down. And mentioned his name everywhere on posters, and that too, with big focus as 'Creative Director'. But given dedication of Amol and His wife to this masterpiece, I too feel bad when think about them.

    We don't know what's truth actually. So let it be.

  7. Interesting discussion ongoing here.

    I don't feel bad for Amol, really. He's been in the spotlight. He's been in the spotlight ever since the beginning of TZP. He has spoken several times since the release, and I think it's fair to go by what he has to say (who else can we trust more?). In his comments, he does confirm what you say, Darshit; he's in fact hoping for an Oscar for TZP, because his name is associated with it!

    The posters and marketing materials always had his name. The home page at TaareZameenPar.com still has his name. The Director's Note on the website begins with: "The journey of Taare Zamen Par began with Amol Gupte". The TZP DVD has video of Amol narrating the story to Aamir and his family!

    So I don't know what more Aamir could have done, and what more can be fairly expected of him. He's a superstar, and it's natural most people (especially those who aren't film buffs like us Bollywood bloggers, lol) will associate him with the project he's in. But he's been credited through it all, so I'm not too bothered by it.

    Aamir had almost let go of Rahman because of his differences with him during the composition phase of Lagaan. Creative differences are part of the filmmaking process; the one with Gupte just didn't work out as well, I guess. Oh well. Laterz.

  8. PS: And while we're talking about film names inspired by old songs, how does "Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge" sound? =)

  9. That was TO THE POINT, tBF.
    Even i had written, that Amol's name was aptly mentioned in centre of posters, as creative director. Now we can stop this overhere. And start praying as February is coming near. ;-)


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