Dostana - Preview

This is the third one, by K.Jo's camp, which is produced by him but not directed. I don' t know why but K.Jo's quite sleepy about this movie. Because no much hype and publicity is around over this movie. Dostana is a small movie, agreed. With few stars and simple storyline, maybe a comedy flick. But its the style of K.Jo to publisize his movie on grand scale.

Even the movie itself doesn't look like its from Dharma Productions. Looking back at past produced movies like Kaal and Kal Ho Na Ho. Even Karan hadn't directed them, he had promoted them really well. This time he has taken backseat. Music is also not upto the mark of his earlier movies. Vishal-Shekhar has delievered an Average score for such a big banner movie.

I can assume is John will be most focused upon in this movie. I can predict this from promos itself. May be its that, K.Jo must be having a 'soft' corner for him, cause when he was in Kaal, or when he was in Kofee with Karan, and all. Karan has always given much importance. Even in KANK he couldn't resist in making John his guest in one song. So there. Next, is Priyanka. She looks good in this movie. Compared to Fashion, where she looked good only in Posters. In Dostana, she looks surprisingly slim and in good shape. Waiting for her bikini scene. While Abhishek, is not subject of my talk. He looks like trying to be funny, that's it. Maybe Saif was the best choice for this [but he is little older than this role, that's why ?!].

Guest appearances are always a treat in K.Jo's flicks. Here there must be plenty of them I suppose. As one song is already on air, Shut up and Bounce, featuring sultry Shilpa Shetty. Song is good, must be fire on screen. And I think 'Desi Girl' will feature many more desi girls then just Priyanka. I hope so. Then it will be much more fun.

Fun is always fun in K.Jo's movies. So looking forward to that, also the emotions in Karan style. But not repeating KHNH 'kantaben' comedy. Then it will be good one. Fingers crossed. This time I am not gonna see First day last show, so my review will be late. Sorry but can't help on that. My prediction for Box Office, is that this will not see even packed houses in first Three days too. Will be earning in Multiplexes only. Lets see.

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