Golmaal - Fun, but 'Limited'


 Its not THAT bad, as I thought. Yesterday something stroke me and suddenly i went on with a friend to watch Golmaal Returns. To my surprise, it survived the whole Diwali factor. OK, not much good performances and great one liners are here, but it still makes you smile and laugh too. Its the second half that makes this one, a watchable flick.


Performance wise, Ajay is not upto his mark. People are praising Tusshar Kapoor, but he got me bored in first half. But again he did a good job in Second half. Kareena is totally wasted, though she is good in some 'serial drama' scenes, but I think she could have done better. Chemistry between her and Ajay is totally not there. Shreyas is excellent as always. We all have seen his fun sparks in Dor. Arshad is fine to watch. While other ladies, Amrita and Celina and Anjana Sukhani [she looks gorgeous] are just there, to fill in the blanks.


Story is a totally no-no in this one. Whole movie wents on just gags and gimmicks. So there, you get kinda bored in first half because of that. No any hard hitting funny lines or one liners are there. Still we can smile, when Ajay mentions all his movies in one dialogue. Even he pulls one on himself about Flop films of him. Or When in Dream sequence Ajay and Celina are dancing. Utterly laugh riot I was in. Enter second half, things go MADer. You oughta see how director Rohit Shetty pulls legs of Sanjay Bhansali. Black and Sawariya spoofs are just mind blowing.I couldn't help my aching stomach. Can someone give me name of that lady who plays Munni in this flick?  [she was awesome in Johnny Gaddar and in Phoonk- she played the bad lady].  Our heroes in Drags are also totally funny. Ekta kapoor spoof are also good. The climax was still not upto the mark. And the song 'Tha kar le' is totally out of space, it suddenly comes when there was no need at all. And hey, you have to watch the third sequel too. The stage is already set.


So there, if you need a time pass, or a regular 'Diwali Bombs' watcher, that you always wanted to feel those cine-bugs in your stomach at the time of Diwali, this movie is for you. Just go in with empty mind, enjoy and come out with a smile. Thats the movie is about. This movie doesnt come close to big big all time hit comedies. TP stuff. I would rate this 2.75 stars out of 5.


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