Ram-Leela : Music Review

Starting with (almost) real 'Daayro' sound in Gujarati, Ram Chahe Leela solely rely on Bhoomi's superb rendition of otherwise not so innovative tune. Lyrics makes it fun while the interlude 'Duha' makes it a killer combination. 

Ravanhattha sound along with Shail Hada's prelude in Lahu munh lag gaya-nothing can get more authentic than this ! Add 'Ranshinga' cry and thumping 'Be Taali' beats of drums. The track is intense. Moving on the theme of Garba, must be a treat to watch lip-lock ;) Lab se lab ye lab lab se lahu lag gayaa.. super wordplay by lyricists Siddharth-Garima.

Very typical initial lines makes you cringe in Ang Laga Le. But thankfully it doesn't go further than the initial loop. Parts of Shail Hada and Chorus, makes it more interesting. Aditi Paul does perfect job on her part for this sultry track. 

Poore Chand - 'that mandatory moon song in a SLB film', doesn't come close to moon songs Background composition reminds of Saawariya's MaashaAllah. Though the shehnai's loop is killer (at 1:51). Maybe, with repeats, and even after watching it on screen - I will love it (as it happens with SLB :) How I miss Parthiv Gohil for this song, softer voice like him could have done wonders. 

Initially, I felt Shreya was an odd choice for the upbeat 'teen taali' garba - but proved me wrong. The sequel to HDDCS's hit (but mood is totally different here), Nagada Sang Dhol goes totally different way at 2.:23 a traditional Gujarati garba (Lili Lemdi re...) makes you go goosebumps. The upbeat percussion makes it perfect Navaratri track and add conclusion by Osman Mir - Killer !

When you see Arijit Singh's name in credits - expectations go naturally high. Laal Ishq - is absolutely enchanting tune with his fantastic rendition and SG's wonderful words - this is so near to Saawariya (which I love a lot), except the color ;) That silent shehnai in conclusion-ahh. Am dying to see how SLB is going to show his 'Laal' magic on screen. The best of the album. 

After that high in music-we are thrown to ground with tacky Ishqyaaun Dhishqyaun. Though the tune is catchy (90s anyone?) and Aditya's voice is not 'bad', but still, am wondering what this song is doing here? Agree it has situational presence, still. 

Taking up traditional* folk song - Mor Bani Thanghat Kare - SLB wins over at least all Gujaratis out there. Brilliant singing by Osman Mir, backed by Aditi Paul and chorus - this is purely a 'goosebumps' stuff. Loved, loved it !  
(*Originally written by renowned Gujarati writer Zaverchand Meghani who translated Rabindranath Tagore's song)

Dhoop - Shreya's safe zone. Even SLB's too. The 'girl's song' is wonderfully composed with lilting tune. But feels surprisingly short. Finally, the loud - loud one - 'Hero's song' - Tattad Tattad, with all its 'weirdness' makes you go move your feet instantly. Aditya's voice suits all the fun here. And the loop is addictive, reminding you those mad mad southie songs. 

Overall, SLB with Monty Sharma, creates the soundtrack as colorful as the palette of RamLeela - the movie is. What I love most is how they used original, Gujarati instruments and tunes throughout the album. And reviving the tunes for the new generation. Thank You ! 

My Picks : Laal Ishq, Nagada Sang Dhol, Dhoop, Mor Bani Thanghat Kare, Tattad Tattad.

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