Get connected by HP Connected Music : oh, and win concert ticket to see Bon Jovi Live !!!

Updated: Contest ends on 30th May ! and new ways to participate. Read at the end of the post.

Sangeet mein hai aisi fuhaar, patjhad mein bhi jo laaye bahaar..(Music is a sweet rain, that turns autumn into spring)Sangeet mein hai Allah-o-Raam, Sangeet mein hai duniya tamaam..(Music has in it both Allah and Ram, Music is there, in all creations)
Stealing some words here, aptly put in a song from Mission Kashmir. What life, where music is not there, could be? Talking about me - life without music, is un-imaginable. Music is something I can not live without at all. Take away my books, social network, TV  movies but - no, not the music. The precious little collection I have. Often I have nightmares about losing my music collection. Scary. Since childhood the collection has kept only increasing. Count in precious cassettes too. Even thought the fact is that my first ever beloved walkman is no more ;)

And then when I heard about the latest service by HP - Connected Music. This made me absolutely excited about how this can make my life easier. With ease of expanding music and much more possibilities. With a collection that you can only imagine. The portability that allows you to find search and play your favorite songs any where, everywhere. And whoa ! Its FREE for 1 full year ! (how I love this word !).

And one fine day, thanks to HP India, I had a chance to get my hands on a brand new dhinchak Windows 8 powered HP Envy X2 notebook. Calling it a 'sexy' notebook, would be an understatement.
Clear shining aluminum finish with sleek curves made me fall for it instantly. And, then, it was time for me to get flattered as I knew that this is 'actually' a 2-in-1 thing. Its a notebook as well as a Tablet. Drooool !! With butter smooth OS and touchscreen this makes browsing the music collection so easy like anything. Add 'beats audio' and fab battery life to it. This is a music lover's dream.

Talking about hp Connected Music service, this as I told earlier, is such a fantastic idea to keep a music lover like you and me - hooked to the sound of music. Among many features of the service - here are the major ones :

1) Over 1 million songs database. Yes, you read it right. 10,00,000..

2)  All these collections, at just one click on the Connected Music app tile on home screen.

3) Preview any song before download. No more messed up folders with un-necessary tracks that you don't like.

4) Each song downloaded in 'wma' format. Yes, the best one for your notebook. And that is DRM managed - that means - no one can take away your tracks from your notebook. You are the center of each friend's envy. ;)

5) 1 year unlimited downloads ! Jitna chaho, utna download karo. No one is stopping you (except your ISP, heh). Exclusively for Indian customers - hp has gifted this for 1 year from the purchase date of your notebook.

6) A collection that you will fall for. Yes - by tie-ups with Hungama and Universal Music, hp Connect Music makes it sure you are not left with any releases. Be it regional, classical, international or our very own Bollywood films. Click and and you have them all.

7) Trivia, latest news and much more info about your favorite artists. All, in one app.

8) Respect the artist you love. Say No to those pirate sites, because now you have them all at your fingertips.

9) Brilliant crystal clear sound quality. After all, its Beats Audio meets the original tracks.

10) Still here? Go and get your own hp notebook now !! Oh, wait - there is a special contest for you, up next.

p.s. : Already have the hp Connected Music notebook? Log in to and get your app. 

So, here is the big announcement.

one of you could be the lucky winner to win a free trip to the UK to see BON JOVI live !! 
Yes, my dear readers. HP brings you this great opportunity to see your favorite artist LIVE at UK !!!

And for that - you have to do nothing much.

Here are the two ways to participate :
1) Tweet to hp's Twitter handle, @HPIndia describing what music means to you and mention #HPConnectedMusic hashtag. (Note that Tweets which do not mention the #HPConnectedMusic hashtag will be disqualified).
2) Just leave a comment describing "what music means to you" in just 100 words (or less). (Don’t forget to mention the #HPConnectedMusic hashtag)

That's it !  THE BEST ENTRY by the one lucky winner from those entries, will get a chance to go to the UK !!

Come'on, the contest is open till May 30th !! Winner will be announced on June 4. 

Also, don't forget to check out the official page of HP India on Facebook. 

Disclaimer :All the rights, trademarks are reserved with HP India. The blog owner doesn't hold any responsibility for legal, moral conflicts arises due to complication in contest. HP India has right to pull back the contest at any time. Please note I am in no way affiliated with HP, or with the concert team for Bon Jovi. Your participation in any activity or communication here or at sites linked to is entirely voluntary, and absolves me and this site of any liabilities related to resulting damages, no matter how material.


  1. Music is a language which everybody can understand. It is a need, love, heal, prayer and soul. One just cannot get away from its deepness and the way it expresses one person’s feelings and thoughts. Each rhythm of music is unique. I feel that music is a friend which helps me in my loneliness, sadness, stress, and it brings out the thought of enjoying myself at least till the song gets over! It is a magic. Music means stand up and dance, and forget all your sorrows and make the moment memorable. My favorite part is its flow. I love music! I Adore Music. I Feel Music. It is my Life & Soul.

  2. Music is not a simple art, it something transcends all limitations of boundaries, languages and races. Music is everywhere in world. It’s a part in nature. Music is one of most essential aspect in everyone's life. Music is source of inspiration and expressions. Music is a best way to express toughest emotions which you can’t express otherwise. Music never let you alone it gives you best company and reminds all your loved ones come across your life. Music is like best friend to me, it always help me out from stress, upsets. Music...... whatever I say about it, is less, it’s been a part of my life.

  3. Shekar SK17:29

    Music.... what can I say……. my day start with music and ends with music. Without music I can’t think of myself. Music is important part of my life, it’s shared all my happiness, sorrow, depression, anger. Music is my source of inspiration and used all times to express my emotions. Music doesn’t have any language, anyone can easily understand your feelings, and even words may fail sometimes but music never. I go into a different world while listening music. Music is used as therapy as it is being said that the seven notes of music denotes the seven chakras which reflects earthly life of humans. I can say music shares a vital role of every living being …..

    1. Hi Shekhar SK please share your email id at dunkdaft at gmail dot com
      So that in any case there is need, we can contact you.


  4. The only moment that I wouldn't be listening to music is when I am sleeping or talking to someone. That's the role music plays in my life. Beyond the composers, the languages, the genres and the like, there is something serene about music that the other entertainment forms lack. There is some form of music for every mood I am in, be it anger, angst, happiness, sorrow etc. If the entire world listened to some form of music on a regular basis, the world would be a better place to live :-)


  5. Deeksha Vyas14:42

    Music means a lot to me. I feel good music can bring people together. Me and my father always enjoy music whenever we get chance. He tells me how the music scene was so different in his young days and how they enjoyed jukeboxes which nowadays are turned into phones/ipods/laptops. Even, in my friend circle, it hardly happens when we do not discuss music. It connects the dots between us. Many times music helps me to interpret emotions that I don't know how to express. It makes me so happy at times when dark clouds are over me. And gives me passion to fight back. Simply put, music is inseparable part of my life.

    1. Hi, Deeksha Please share your email id at dunkdaft at gmail dot com
      So that we can contact you if need is there.

    2. Deeksha Vyas14:44



  6. This reminds me of a quotation by Plato
    “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
    and life to everything.”
    I don’t remember when I started listening to music and when I started to love it, but music has always been a way to express my feelings. It has made me dance, sing, cry and laugh, in fact it has always been a part of my life.
    I suppose there is no rhythm or music which exists that you can’t relate yourself to. Music is the most influential factor that can drive you from any mood and situation. Music thrills and chills the mind and the soul.

  7. When sound becomes melodious ; it becomes music.It is a kind of tonic which removes stress and helps to come out of the hectic life.
    It has the power to change our mpod .If I talked about music is my passion..whenever I get time I listen my selected songs.
    It's the only way to chill your self from a busy and hectic daily life..

  8. Music makes our heart go on & on,
    Music makes us feel like a new-born!
    Music is a charming nourishing soul-food,
    Music calms tempers, soothes & changes mood.
    Music is Mozart, Bon Jovi, Pavarotti, AR Rahman…
    Music makes us sing, dance & party as crazy fans!
    Music satisfies deep urge like passionately making love,
    Makes adrenaline surge- while grounded, we soar as dove!
    Music is an all-encompassing five-letter word,
    That’s mightier than a Sword & is a direct road to God!
    Music is our expression of ideas, experience & wisdom,
    Music makes sense as it builds our wondrous Kingdom!

    1. #HPConnectedMusic - Adding the hashtag now! Please consider:)

  9. #HPConnectedMusic

    So, what is music about to me… I think I change my mind every day, because music affects my daily life on so many levels. Music, while its different things to different people, there seems to be one common denominator… Every country has it’s own genre, from the vocals to the perplexing and sometimes annoying instrumental. While almost every genre of music resonates with me to some degree, there comes and goes a song where I just want to slam the dash of my car with a fist to turn off the radio! But you see, someone out there likes that song, as disturbing as that is…

  10. Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination
    and life to everything.
    Music is the essence of life!

  11. Music to me, can be loud!
    Like lightening in the cloud!

    Music to me, can be subdued!
    It can push me to a sleepy mood!

    Music to me is breathing!
    Music gives me a meaning!

    Music makes me feel like!
    I can fly high like a kite!

    Music, can make me full of sorrow!
    Music, can me full of joy!
    Music today, is better than tomorrow!
    a happiness formula, a divine ploy!

    Music makes me feel sleepless!
    Music can make me go speechless!

    Music can make you a star!
    But to me,
    it always showed
    Who you really are!

    1. #HPConnectedMusic I forgot to add that in my post :)

  12. 4.A complex amalgam of melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre and silence in a particular (intended) structure. A sonoric event between noise and silence A ‘total social fact
    Something in which truth has set itself to work.The word ‘music’ brings (necessary) structure and order into the (audible) world. #HPConnectedMusic

  13. Music means a lot to me. It is a way to express and release emotions. I love music that on top of the fun beats, it can carry a message that is relative to real life situations. It is a thing you can listen to when you want to get out and just go into your own world. #hpconnectedmusic

  14. Music is life. Life is music. Seedha hisab hai apna. Never ever I miss a chance to attend any concert in my city. Pop, rock or Bollywood, everywhere I will be there. How boring the late nights long drive would be if the music isn't breaking speakers. Ditto with boring office, thank God for speakers that plays music. #hpconnectedmusic

    1. Hi, thanks for comment. Please send the comment at dunkdaft @ gmail dot com so that i can know your email id.

  15. Music accompnaies you everywhere, doesnt matter what mood you are in - happy, sad or bored. Music is a language that teaches you how to life your life. Music is a medicine that can transport one to a peaceful world and can help to get through each day #hpconnectedmusic

  16. 2.Music is "the art of arranging tones in an orderly sequence so as to produce a unified and continuous composition".In reality, music does not have any one concrete meaning. Music has different meanings for different people. Music is unique in each person's life. To a musician, music is their life They eat, breathe, and live music. Music is their passion. For others, music is a hobby, a pastime. Music is something that arouses interest and is pleasurable. The casual fan may learn about music,how to read music, how to sing, or how to play a musical instrument, but they do not have the all encompassing passion a musician possesses.
    Music is a means of relaxation for some, while others simply enjoy listening to the sounds, melodies, and rhythms that music brings to their ears, minds, and hearts. #HPConnectedMusic

  17. Anonymous11:42

    Music is what keeps me sane. It soothes my soul. It can make me cry. It can make me feel happier. I seriously think music is the reason why I can keep such positive attitude about life. I’ve always been a cheerful, happy person,I believe it’s because no matter what,will always listen to song that’ll make me smile, or one that’s right on level of what I’m feeling. It literally is a universal language and is reassuring way of knowing you're not alone.To me, it’s as important as the sun.

  18. Music is my religion #HPConnectedMusic

  19. Music is the shorthand of emotion. #HPConnectedMusic

  20. Anonymous16:15

    Music adds flavours to life. #HPConnectedMusic

  21. Anonymous23:52

    Music is another reality. It's an escape that allows me to stay present. It's a paradise in the form of authenticity. With music, there's no need to alter real life perceptions.
    There are really no words to describe the complete tranquility music can bring to my soul. Only in the form of more music can I portray the happiness it brings to me.
    Music is a means of understanding emotion and technicality through a universal language of different interpretations. Music is everything I am not, but inspires me to pursue brilliance.

  22. music is "the art of arranging tones in an orderly sequence so as to produce a unified and continuous composition".
    In reality, music does not have any one concrete meaning. Music has different meanings for different people. Music is unique in each person's life. To a musician, music is their life.
    They eat, breathe, and live music. Music is their passion. For others, music is a hobby, a pastime. Music is something that arouses interest and is pleasurable. The casual fan may learn about music,how to read music, how to sing, or how to play a musical instrument, but they do not have the all encompassing passion a musician possesses.
    Music is a means of relaxation for some, while others simply enjoy listening to the sounds, melodies, and rhythms that music brings to their ears, minds, and hearts. #HPConnectedMusic

  23. The gentle and incessant splatter of rain drops on a window pane, the crying of a newborn child, the sound of sea waves overlapping each other - If you look carefully, music is all around you. You just need to have the time, the ear and the purity within you to appreciate music around you.
    For me, music means even the above mentioned sounds in addition to what we hear on our headphones or on loudspeakers. Even the blowing winds can be a source of music - either gentle or harsh.
    Apart from the natural sources, music for me is something I cannot put in words. There have been instances and phases in my life when nothing seemed right. The only thing I could think of doing was quietly slip my headphones in my ears and play the entire soundtrack of Udaan in loop. That is all required to make me feel better.
    Music is more of a mandatory thing in my daily life. For instance, I need it to be playing in the background while I brush my teeth, shave, have breakfast. I ABSOLUTELY NEED the music player in my car to be working while I drive. Infact I first sit in the parked car for 5 minutes, arranging the playlist to be played, and then I turn on the ignition. The car needs fuel, but music is my fuel.
    Obviously people have diverse tastes in music - some like rock, some like pop, some like soft stuff. I respect all forms. If someone likes only hardcore rock, he still is a music lover for me, as long as he finds solace in that form of music.
    Ultimately that is what matters. for instance, I have opposite likes in music - while I love slow soft sombre music, I absolutely am crazy about few totally wacky LOUD songs. because ultimately those songs take me to a different world - and THAT is what is supposed to be the entire basic purpose of music, isn't it?
    Be it the surreal melodies of A.R Rahman and Amit Trivedi or the peppy tracks of Pritam, or the lovely instrumental pieces of Hans Zimmer - I devour all of them. And most importantly, Music never has a language. I happily listen to Tamil, french and even Spanish songs even though I dont get a single word of what is being sung. so what? the tune is what enthralls me. So it hardly matters.
    People need various stimuli to sleep at night. Some prefer reading a novel before going to bed. I prefer listening to some soft melodies in the darkness and recollect my entire day. Listening to songs before sleeping is imperative. Yes at times when I am very tired, I do drift off to sleep and wake up the next morning with my headphones still in my ears.

    So this is what music means to me. As i mentioned earlier too, let us not forget the best composer of the world - nature.

    1. Whoa ! That's one extensive write up. Loved it !

  24. Music is when the lyrics match the story of my life and the music is in sync with the beat of my heart.Music tells my life story through different songs relating to my life situation.Like the heartbeats when it stops you are dead.Similarly Music is THE BEAT OF MY SOUL it makes me alive and makes me feel good..The companion That I share my emotions and I LOVE TO LISTEN

  25. Music is when the lyrics match the story of my life and the music is in sync with the beat of my heart.
    Music tells the story of my life through different songs.Like heartbeats, when it stops we are dead.Similarly to me music is THE BEAT OF MY SOUL with music i feel ALIVE.It's a companion that I like to share My emotions and the companion that i love LISTEN when it "TALKS"
    We worship GOD through singing prayers(music).I worship my GOD (BON JOVI) through listening their creations.(music)
    If GOD has given me LIFE to Live.Music has given PURPOSE to Live.Music gave meaning to my life .
    GOD created Human Being.Music created me of SELF-Being #HPConnectedMusic

  26. Music transports me into a rhythmic world where I find lot of fun, melody & solace. Various genres of music evokes different emotions/feelings in me. Each tempo in it raises my heart beat getting me to sing, sway, swoon or even dance ♬♬♬ Whether its the instruments used/lyrics/singers... everything related to this art form called ♬usic fascinates me. Music has always rocked my world & it will continue to ♬♬♬ #HPConnectedMusic

  27. Music is pure emotion that flows from one soul to another. All i need is a song that sings to my soul and makes me feel whole. #HPConnectedMusic

  28. Music is a bliss that touches our soul and mind every time we listen to them, it makes us forget the pain and heal our mental pains and wounds taking us to the world of ecstasy, music lifts up our morale when we are in a pensive mood, music keeps us high that makes us fly even at the dullest of times, a constant companion that helps us visualizing the golden memories. It reflects the truth of life on one hand to a heavenly feeling on the other, makes our heart go dancing and swinging with its every beat. #HPConnectedMusic.

  29. Music is a Stimulant that nourishes our soul and brings a fresh atmosphere of Joy in our minds freeing us from the bondage of pain and sorrow; it makes us feel closer to our sweet and happy memories by flashing them in front of our eyes. Music is a gift of God that injects positive energy into our hearts; it helps us to forget hatred, agony, anger, difference in religion and culture and binds us together in one string under one roof. Music helps us to relate oneself to the society and the people around him. #HPConnectedMusic.

  30. Anonymous12:02

    Music is magical, it helps me a lot at time where i didn't saw any reason to stay strong for something or believe in something. The music is a big reason of who i am now.Its nightmare to spend some day without music . I can't start my day without listening melody or some rocking tunes . Its integral part of my life and always will be .



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