Ghanchakkar : Music Review

Sung by Amit, the title track Ghanchakkar Babu starts off the album in a perfect note for this mad film. Fused with funny 'Chinese' sounding chorus and hilarious lyrics by Amitabh, the track is addiction. The wordy riot continues throughout other three tracks as well. Richa Sharma's lazy-casual tone in Lazy Lad, backed by 'womaniya chorus' portrays absolute fun caricature of the Ghanchakkar. Ditto with Jholu Ram. The best of the lot words it has. And whoa ! Altaf Raja singing the song ! Added bits of him in standard 'shayari' style are brilliant addition. Qawwali'sque Allah Meherbaan does work after a few listens. Sung by Divya Kumar, the track seems situational but still fun while playing it.

Ghanchakkar is one soundtrack that is totally dedicated to the context of the film. Not a single track can be seperated from the film that we can feel even without watching it. After Aiyyaa, this is another such album by Amit Trivedi. Definitely, we want more of such, keep them coming AT.

My Picks : Lazy Lad, Jholu Ram
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