Those Musical moments of 2012 : On TV

Music. The word just ‘existed’ during recent years on Indian television. Gone were the days when music channels were meant for music only. Yes, I am talking about MTV and Channel V to be specific which later on converted them into reality TV. Thankfully, MTV realized this to some extent, and have started working upon some fresh concept (though tried and tested in other parts of the world) and gave some fantastic shows that can easily be called ‘Best Moments of 2012”. Here are some...

The find of the year. Sneha Khanwalkar. With as little as possible equipments she travelled through the places so familiar as Dharavi slums to remotest places like Majuli in Assam. Gathering sounds of each location and converting into a newest tune that you have never heard. Brilliant ten episodes the series had. A must watch series if you still haven’t checked it out.

After that false start in 2011, I wasn’t too sure about to follow the series or not in its new avatar. But since the first episode, it changed all my views about the show. Despite of ‘dheun teun’ guitars in almost all tracks (which I generally avoid), Coke Studio had been a great ride this year. And the show stopper of this season was - Amit Trivedi, of course. Each track he created, brilliant is an understatement. The intriguing fusion, that ranged from African sounds in Yaatra (correct if i m wrong) to Rajasthani folk in Chaudhary. The third episode was absolutely a treat. Man, never have heard something like Badri Badriya..

MTV Unplugged : S02E01
Iske liye toh MTV ko jitna thanks bole utna kam hai. This was the best thing that happened to Indian Music in whole year. Yes it was not having any new track, yes all the Bollywood track were there. Still, it was A R Rahman who swooned away everyone with tweaked version of his own fabulous songs. Unforgettable Yeh Jo des, Phir se udd chala and Nenjukkule. Add Rahman himself singing Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na karo, the show is one of those few moments to cherish forever. Thank You Rahman. Thank you MTV.

p.s. : No, MTVIndia hasn't paid me for this post. :)

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  1. Even Karsh Kale's Coke Studio episode was brilliant...Hallelujah, shedding skin and peekabo are surreal tracks.....
    And yeah Amit Trivedi's episode ...Yatra, Badri Badariya, Nirmohiya, Chaudhary, Baari baari....all songs are spellbinding.....esp love Nirmohiya and Badri Badariya...


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