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I was a bit uninterested to read this book just because of its name. As I thought it was a 'motivating' kinda stuff which I avoid. But after having read the plot summary - I got mighty curious to know how the writer-Ashwin Sanghi have shaped up such a tricky plot that involves mythology as well as a thriller, and that too - dealing with the 10th avatar of Lord Vishnu - Kalki Avatar !! And, also as it dealt with the lost civilizations - this was something I would never miss (as I am always keen to visit such places, and have visited a few). So there, I jumped in to read 'The Krishna Key'.

And from the first chapter itself, it got me hooked. (Man, this review is really a tough one cause I have to be so limited what to write-given the book deals with mysteries, thriller and suspense). How minute details Ashwin has taken care of, is visible since then. And from the second chapter, you know how extensive the 'past tales' are going to get. Getting so deep into the myths, facts and legends, it left me 'jaw dropped' at many pages. How he seamlessly weaves legends with the 'possible facts' and the theories behind the present we see in daily routine are hard to not believe in. (sample - design of the Shiva Lingam) (It took four days for me to complete this book-and all those days I was sharing this things with colleagues just to see how shocked they were to know).

Researched extensively with the help of tons of material - books, blogs, videos and so on, The Krishna Key never feels a superficial thriller. Though there are moments when very deep discussions between the characters (may) bore you, but as the story progresses, you tend to believe that as a necessary part. One interesting pattern AS has followed here to write a parallel story. The story of Lord Krishna himself. I suppose that was done so because not all of us know Mahabharata as deep as described here. Even me, I was surprised at some connections in the Mahabharata that are never told in the current versions. But for the reader who knows Mahabharata, the parallel Krishna story hinders the pace more when finale is nearing.

But as everything is not perfect - there are glitches that hinders it from becoming a flawless one. Brand fascination of the writer is clearly visible from initial chapters, that is annoying. (Using brand names for phones and jeans - are too much). Living that (personal rant) apart, the flashbacks in concluding chapters - surprised me. How can you make the reader read it - who is on the edge to know the secret - and he get flashback of a lead character. I don't know if it can be avoided or placed somewhere else, but the flow is a bit slowed down because of that.

Still, the edge-of-seat revelations, the mysteries unfolding one by one, absolutely brilliant amalgamation of the facts from the pages of History and the nail biting suspense. All of them makes The Krishna Key - unputdownable. A highly recommended for those who love Mythology, those who love thrillers, those who love History. Walking on many ropes at a time - Ashwin Sanghi balances the job in near perfect fashion. Go, read and reveal the mysteries of the History.

I seriously wish someone please convert this into a film. Or a grand TV series. That would be a killer. 

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