Ishkq In Paris : Music Review

Its all about tonight - is that track where you don't pay attention to words - like the sound as long as its played and then - forget it. Saiyaan - (arghhhhhhh...) is another Rahat Fateh Ali Khan track (double arghhhhhhh...) that starts off as a slow one and graduates into a qawwali styled beats (triple arghhhhhhh..). You know what I mean there. Next Jaane Bhi De is a relief. This smooth duet sung by Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi is 'templatised', yet nice listen. Again, the cringe-fest continues. In Teri choodiyaan da crazy crazy sound - Wajid puts 'wannabe punjabi popstar' to shame. And Kudiye di kurti is sounds like picked up from 1994 stock.

Highly avoidable soundtrack by Sajid-Wajid. Oh Dear Priety - what did you do?

My Picks : Jaane Bhi De

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