English Vinglish : Movie Review

Our very own Dolce and Namak has already seen Sridevi's English Vinglish. (and here, I am dying from excitement). See what's she has to say about it 
.....English Vinglish, by the way, is one of those rare Hindi films where you end up caring about all those secondary characters too because they feel like real people. I've seen those people in my own Business English classes, so it was nice to meet them again in a movie. Ironically enough (and a first for me), the non-desi characters felt more fleshed out than some of the desi ones. At least in the English class......
Ah !  
Read the full post HERE.
Can't wait !

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  1. this movie basically gives us a motivation that if we cant speak any languages properly that's not mean we are useless. people makes languages languages doesn't make people so we can learn it


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