Chittagong : Music Review

Highlight of Bolo Na is Shankar himself. This Raga based song beautifully transcends in second half with Tablas and ends with a bit high note. This is one of the best classical rendition this year. Bechayan Sapne's lilting tune creates Bengal in front of eyes instantly. Lead by Abhijeet Sawant and Mahalaxmi Iyer, this is a delightful one with interesting use of sax. Next Jeeney ki Wajah is a fantastic chorus effort lead by Raman Mahadevan (along with Aarti Sinha, Mani Mahadevan, Kshitij Wagh, Pooja Gopalan,Shreekumar Vakkiyil) . This anthemic tune, surely gives goosebumps with his vocals. Next Ishan travels the same route, in a more pacey way - director Bedabrata Pain leads the same chorus through a fab conclusion,  making the track - which despite being a situational track, works as effectively as standalone. Next four tracks are Instrumental treat. The Battle, Masterda, Inspiration and Chittagong. Each one is so masterfully done, buy too short that leaves listener craving for more. 

Overall, Chittagong is that perfect album Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and even the director have thought of. A sheer delightful soundtrack for the period film. 

My Picks : Bolo Na, Jeeney Ki Wajah

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