Student Of The Year : Movie Review

Having read all the tweets on Twitter, about how unreal the movie is. Well, I want to say is - fantasies have always been a part of our movies. It always will be. Whats wrong with such movies if done properly? Fantasy shall not always set in past or in future. One can always write such story in parallel times. And Karan Johar exactly does that in Student Of The Year. Yes, the 'school' is 'more than perfect'. Every thing is exaggeratedly clean and shining. But hey, this is a movie, right? Not a documentary. Eat the candyfloss if you don't have diabetes. That's it.
I had zero expectations, so enjoyed it. Go, do the same.  

To keep it short, here, I have listed out - what I liked, and what not.

Me Liked :

1. The over-the-top-larger-than-life things the movie. Quite a change from oh-this-is-so-real-life movies throughout this year. (before you start bashing me, i loved all those movies btw).

2. Fantastic intro of all the three newcomers. No one can do it better than this. 

3. Leading men. Yes, surprisingly I liked Sidharth Malhotra's performance too. Varun looked promising since first promos itself and he does perform well, if not perfect. 

4. The competition sequences. Shout worthy. Picture perfect. 

5. Songs. Sounded average in headphone, looked great on screen. 

6. For a change - no boring 'first half' of second half (as many recent movie suffered from that thing), it actually gets interesting as the competition starts from that point. 

7. Hence, no dragged thing here, movie ends as soon as it should. Overall pace is perfect. 

8. Kajol. Kajol. Kajol. 

Me no-liked :

1. Alia Bhatt. I mean come'on. Why are you so confused? Why are you dressed like this? Why can't you even giggle perfectly? (and damn, how did you get 'standing welcome' from front benchers?)

2. Dear KJo. Atleast you could've spared homosexual jokes. I mean, how the hell could you do such silly jokes on Chintooji ??

3. Poorly written climax. Pointless dialogues by competent Kayoze Irani.

4. No SRK in Radha...

5. Trying to be loveble - JTYJN like get together of friends. Nah, didn't work as it should. 

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  1. I really loved Rishi Kapoor's part in the movie. His gay was not exactly caricaturish.

    1. Maybe its just me who is fed up with gay portrayal in hindi movies. In English Vinglish, it was perfect though. Here, in scenes of Rishi with Coach sir, were annoying. Otherwise, yes, he was definitely good.

  2. I too dint Rishi Kapoor's bit. Just didn't fit. He'd rather keep it for Dostana ;)

    My review here -




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