Rush : Music Review

Ash King and Pritam. And the result is predictably sweet. Chup Chup Ke goes on Pee Loon way, hits chord instantly. Reprise by Shaan has pretty much similar thing to offer. Fukraa is average with punjabi pop'ish sound. Tulsi Kumar spoils a track again, this time its with Anupam Amod - Mumkin Nahin is a decent one, tried and tested one. O Re Khuda has Adnan Sami as its plus point. But the annoying part is 'o rey khuda' itself. Sparing those typical phrases, Adnan makes it an engaging track. Rab Ka Junoon is that 'Rock' track where the lyrics are hardly audible. Avoid. Last one - Hote Hote has Hard Kaur's rap - that sounds dated by now.

Pritam and Emraan Hashmi combination, this time, works only in parts, with all the tried and tested sounds. Though, never expected great things for this one. So, acceptable.

My Picks : Chup Chup Ke, O Rey Khuda

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