Talaash : Music Review

Jiya Lage Na goes straight to your heart instantly. The 'deja vu' feel is there, of course, being a semi classical tune. Fusion is excellent and equally great vocals by Sona and Ravindra Upadhyay. Lyrics by Javed saab, are apt for the dark, mysterious tale. This, is the best one from Ram Sampath's soundtrack of Talaash. Continuing that mysterious feel, Muskaanein Joothi Hai - is that standard jazzy-dark-night club-what will happen next - song. Suman Sridhar's voice perfects the arrangements that remind of such songs we used to hear in classics. Choosing Vishal for Jee Le Zara seems a perfect decision for this uplifting tune. Pretty engaging one. While next one Hona Hai Kya sung by Ram Sampath is strictly a situational one with shades of Don. (and there, I missed SEL, for Excel movies) But Ram steals limelight with his old school'ish tune of Laakh Duniya Kahe. A lovely soft rock number with wonderful chorus singing. How I seriously missed Sona's voice in this one.

So, there, one of the most awaited of 2012, Talaash has a pretty good mix of tunes for the thriller. It surely will be perfect on the screen. (But somewhere, it left me wanting for more. Or maybe, its just me, over-wanting, cause Aamir is there.)

My Picks : Jiya Lage Na, Laakh Duniya Kahe.
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  1. My suggestion to people : go and watch this movie, it's one of the best movies made this year, most of the ppl commenting here have only come to this forum to pull down this movie without even seeing it in the first place, most unlikely case scenario u don't like the movie, still are u willing to miss an aamir starrer after a gap of 3 years, be honest


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