Khiladi 786 : Music Review

Himesh apes himself getting a new high in nasal singing, using phrase of his own song, mad mad Lonely is weirdly addictive. Balma works, just because of Shreya in otherwise tacky arrangements with so called tribute to RDB. Mika's next Long Drive is that typical punjabi hip-hop thing nothing to brag about. Starting quite similarly as his songs of Radio, Saari Saari Raat is an interesting tune. If you don't mind Himesh singing (I don't, here) this one is surprisingly good. If Lonely was mad, next one has insane lyrics - Hookah Bar sets new standard in silly wordings with annoying techno beats. Title track Khiladi Bhaiyya is filled with those standard HR loops all over, suited for the OTT colored movie.  Tu Hoor Pari has minimal arrangements for a perfect punjabi folk flavored track. Quite an engaging one. 

Looking at the trailer of the film, you can't really blame HR for an average album. But still, the guy seems lazy at qualitative arrangements and hence churning out his typecasted work, with occasional sparks. Khiladi 786 is a mixed bag that obviously serves its intended purpose for the OTT entertainer. 

My Picks : Saari Saari Raat, Tu Hoor Pari
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  1. u knw dashrath,
    there r two types of movies
    1) commercial
    2) good movies

    nw dis album comes in commercial album. As per u; u find it average but trust me it will be commercually successfull album, m nt a big fan of himesh but d music is addictive, for example as a critic one will hate lonely but as a music lover one will enjoy it as its addictive, its funny. may be u r having a lot more knowledge of music dan me but dis time m nt agree wid ur review.

  2. Malay Samant00:43

    Dunkdaft this is what I expected from u, even I requested you to listen the songs before reviewing ( On Twitter ) but still you made the same mistake bro, you call Hukka Bar as silly and useless, only time will tell how this song will burn the discos, Khiladi 786 is one of the best Himesh Reshammiya album and yes it is a commercial album, I would once again like to request you to start listening the songs before you review it. All the best for your future reviews but this review leaves a lot to be desired. Ratings for ur review 1.5/5 Sorry Mate

  3. malay
    yes bro
    u r ryt, there r several albums for which i would like to request to dashrath to listen again n give d review. 1920 evil return n dis both r reviewd incorrectly, nt satiesfied.

  4. Hi, Alpesh Thanks for following my blog. By the way, I haven't reviewed 1920 Evil Returns.
    As far as this album goes, I did find it suited to the film, but not much impressive as HR's works in past.

    Btw, its 'Darshit' :)


  6. Pls spare Reviewing if u dont know the nuances of it...

    Be a Critic, not a Basher...

    Commercial Album has to be more massy than classy...That's how it works !!

    U horribly underrated one of the finest tracks of the year, probably Better than the Best of JTHJ...

    Saari Saari Raat is indeed the Best of the Lot, both composition & rendition wise...

    Kindly Learn before you exhibit !!


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