Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana : Music Review

Absolutely catchy and addictive Kikli Kaler Di starts off the album as a perfect trailer for the fun ride ahead in Amit Trivedi composed Luv Shuv Te Chicken Khurana. With rap of Yo Yo Honey Singh and the loop by Pinky Maidasani, this track rocks with Shellee's funky lyrics sung by Amit himself. You can't help but say 'Ghantiiiii.....' as soon as track comes to conclusion.

Motorwada's prelude shows spark of QGM with its hip-hop'ish flavor. Again, this Tochi and Amit sung track ends up as an earworm. Again, outrageous lyrics. The title track Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana is just so charming, with simple arrangements that you almost smell the punjabi rotis and saag. Beautiful use of flute and paayal's sound. Lovely conversation between Harshdeep and Shahid Mallya. You just can't stop drooling over this one.

Harshdeep's next Luni Hansi is instant reminder of Dev D. But as the track goes on with this sweet voice, you just forget everything. And start imagining the smile she's talking about. Even though it uses that ghisa-pita phrase 'Gud Khake'. Oh, and do wait for conclusion of the song. Devender Singh (the Sardarji from Indian Idol)'s version of Luni Hasi is equally good but a bit softer side his singing is.   Next track, Makkhan Malai starts almost like Dhinka Chika. Ok, got my point? Yes, found this one an average one. Maybe works well with a shaadi-like scene in the movie.

Farukha Baadi kicks off with 'womaniya type' chorus, with FO and all. Soon Labh Janjua takes over the track with Amit in his own flavor - that you want to stand up from where you are sitting and shout Khula khel...... Luv Shuv Tey CHicken Khurana Theme is such a lovely instrumental, Iktara played by Tapas Roy. Not identical to any song but pretty much in-sync with the flavor of soundtrack.

Finally, the ride concludes where it started. Another version of Kikli Kaler Di, this time an all Punjabi, all AMIT TRIVEDI one. Different set of stanzas, this one again, consists of rib tickling lyrics. Such an addictive thing.

Amit Trivedi (perhaps) closes his account for this year with very very high balance. The guy, is unstoppable with his innovations. Just imagine how he recently gave Marathi and Southern spice* and now here he is with Punjabi tadka. And another highlight of this album is lyricist Shellee. Its a fultoo fun ride just because of his words. Highly recommended !

My Picks : Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana, Farukha Baadi, Luni Hasi, Kikli Kaler di.

*P.S. : After initial grudge, I am actually liking the tracks of Aiyyaa. Grudge was - it has too much of double meaning things all over in the album. But that fact can't hide the brilliant tunes. Loved Wakda, Mahek Bhi and even What to do.

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  1. I watched this movie.Highly recommend it.One of those few movies that makes u feel good about human relations.Very heart warming.tired of watching all the action cops and slapstick comedies. I gaurs tee all those who watch it will love it


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