Jab Tak Hai Jaan : Music Review

Challa - as each and every review out there depicts - is more a 'Rabbi' song than Rahman's. But the ARR stamp is there ofcourse, during interlude, the 'saregama' piece sung by chorus. Pretty hummable one despite the fact its entirely in punjabi. I know it doesn't work with SRK lip syncing it, but well as a standalone track - it works, just because of Rabbi.

Opening with dramatic arrangements, Saans instantly reminds you of ARR's own-Yuvvraaj. Barring very cliched lyrics (perhaps to get - mass appeal - I seriously ) this one works cause of its tried and tasted sound. Shreya is as usual and similarly, Mohit. Oh, and did I forget to mention strange similarity between this and Do pal ruka (VeerZaara) ? Not exceptional, yet likeable one. Mohit's voice gets stuck even after hitting the stop button.

Ishq Shava - is foot tapping from the very first 10 seconds. This too has footprints of ARR's earlier works. At places you almost hear Hawwa Hawwa and at other there's Behka. Raghav's voice (including all that hey, paun paun) sounds a bit unsuitable for this, but Shilpa Rao is just too perfect. Stays with you as long as its being played.

Heer - as I assumed while looking at the tracklist - this one is the best from the album. Despite being (yet another) complete punjabi track ;). Harshdeep Kaur (who else?) does fantastic job for this haunting track. The composition, majorly with violins - a trademark Rahman sound - is super rich. Lovely. (oh, and Rockstar reference is here too - find out for yourself). And, here's more about Mirza-Sahiban lovestory.

And next-Jiya Re, is perhaps the weakest one of the lot. Despite the peppy loop and lively singing of Neeti Mohan, the track gets messy during the interludes (its just me?).

Getting you confused with 'sonu-like' hum, the title track Jab Tak Hai Jaan starts off on impressive note only to fall flat due to sudden tune change. New lady on the block, Shakthisree Gopalan does comendable job, the only saving grace of the song.

Saans (Reprise) is just 'that sad part wala slow tempo wala version of romantic song starting with interlude of original'. Ishq Dance is an interesting one with all the percussion and the choir sound. While The Poem recited by SRK leaves us wondering where is this tune in the album - as a song.

All said, this one is surely not a fitting finale to the king of romance - Yash Chopra. Given his 'track' record, Jab Tak Hai Jaan leaves a lot to be desired. High expectations come naturally when the 'lethal' trio was involved in making the music. ARR+Gulzar+Yashraj. But surprisingly neither the magical melodies are there, nor the notable poetry. I seriously doubt this one is penned by Gulzar saab. This, is one good, not great album that it needed to be.

My Picks : Heer, Saans, Challa.

And, here is @rohwit's review, that I published here earlier. To which, I agree......almost. . (here's the original post)
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  1. Seems like someone took a fancy of your review and forgot to give credit! :)

    1. Oh, that one is by CilemaSnob.
      :) सब एक ही थाली के चट्टे बट्टे हैं . No worries.

  2. Anonymous22:44

    alomst everything is rite but i liked jiya re song ,it is like a slow poison , it is hsot in kashmir featuring srk-anushka so it shd do very well

  3. Anonymous00:23

    I absolutely agree to all the points...good observation


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