Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 : Music Review

Chhi Chha Ledar : Starts off with 'disco' beats mixed with technofied sound. This track, sung superbly by 12yr old Durga - is reminiscent of Sneha's work in Sound Trippin. (Actually, many tracks in the album are). Addictive, this, is.

Kala Re : Lyrical gem. Vocals - gem. Composition - gem. Superbly done from each aspect, this haunting track is just so fabulous you can't stop listening to it. Dark dark violin in background, sigh....

Electric Piya : This, I thought, is an answer to Womaniya. But, isn't.(OK, these were my initial thoughts, but after reading the lyrics, and context, and repeats, I am liking it) With similar setup as Womaniya, the harmonium and dholak - desi voices - the works. The track repeats as Electric Piya - Fused. (say, remixed)

Bahut Khoob : Most innovative on the album. Just a bunch of school kids, a poem from their textbook and Sneha. Result is - whoa !

Taar Bijli : The original behind Electric Piya. Sung by Padmashree Sharda Sinha - the track with satirical lyrics will be more effective with context on screen I think. Still, worth listen for the vocals.

Aabroo: Epic lyrics. Superb Muqabala-Qawwali. Piyush Mishra. Absolutely situational, yet, must hear to know - to what level one can write about rivalary. Piyush Mishra's rival here, Bhupesh Singh matches sounds perfectly. Can't wait to see this on screen.

Perpendicular : Another innovation. Mixing up the regular sound into a new one. The art Sneha has mastered.

Moora : Moora - means moorakh (fool). The loveliest track from both the movies. Mandolin (am I right?) sound continued in background, creative lyrics by Varun Grover and the calypso tune - droooool.

Tunya : ?? !!!!

Bahut Khoob 8 Bit : The 8 bit- yes, those sounds from video games you played in childhood - mixed in the original. Ah, well, okay.

Moora (Morning) : This, one is must listen for its outstanding composition. Mix of OMG sounds. Sung by Deepak Kumar, I just can't get enough of hearing this.

KKL : As if the original was not enough in part 1, this version of Keh Ke Loonga - is a killer mix. But, personally, I prefer the original one.

So, no Bihar ke lala, no Hunter, no Womaniya, no Keh Ke Loonga - more innovative, experimental sounds - Gangs Of Wasseypur 2 is still creates the effect that is unavoidable. Sneha Khanwalkar and the works, impresses yet again. 

My Picks : Kaala Rey, Moora, Moora (Morning), Bahut Khoob, Chhi Chha Ledar

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  1. Anonymous03:10

    Regarding the Keh k loonga song.. I think it fits in perfectly with the epic conclusion of the movie...


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