Ek Tha Tiger : Music Review

That inspired song by Sajid-Wajid - MashaAllah, works well just because of the signature tune. A perfect for Salman Bhai to show off his newly invented moves, nothing else. The soundtrack moves over to Sohail Sen after that 'Sall-item song'. KK and Palak Muchhal's Laapta, with carnival feel and all, isn't all effective. Works in part but otherwise a 'tired' feeling. Banjaara starts off well with chorus singing, but graduates to that standard Sukhwinder Singh affair. Underused he is. But finally, there is some relief when you hear the Didgeridoo played in prelude leading to Mohit Chauhan's croon. Saiyyara is the best of the lot. Paired up with Sunidhi Chauhan, penned by Kausar Munir, the song is #stuckInhead one. Lastly, Tiger's Theme by Julius Packiam, is nothing but just an extension of the promo.

This is perhaps the weakest soundtrack YRF has ever produced. Sohail Sen disappoints in this one. But as they have Salman, performing all of them, the translation on screen can be drastically different.

My Picks : Saiyyara

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  1. ek dum chchakkas songs hai...............

  2. Charu13:03


  3. Anonymous23:31

    U r supposedly a reviewer and don't even know who has sung the song you are reviewing. (Saiyara by Sunidhi Chauhan???? After 'reviewing'
    so many songs, you can't even make out her voice or not??????? And you DONT BUY CD's to review so that you can at least get the credits correct??? )

    Bah! Anyone with an internet is a reviewer these days. Bullshit!

  4. I love u Salman. All the best for all up coming movie.............

  5. Anonymous19:11

    by the way .......... saiyyara was not sung by sunidhi.... in reality the female version is sung by TARANNUM MALIK. .... hey now i think i can become a reviewer... wat say???


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