Jism 2 : Music Review

Starting off with dreamy strings, Abhi Abhi is clearly the best of the album, because of ever dependable KK. Pathos led Yeh Kasoor is a bit surprise, as we haven't heard Sonu Kakkar in this way. Well, a standard Bhatt template, nice but situational one, this is. (Yet another) Maula is next. Sung by Ali Azmat - this, initially I felt - is chaos. Wish it was well composed. While another Ali Azmat track - Ye Jism Hai To Kya is has that perfect tune for this 'seductive' film. Here Ali is more tolerable. Soft rock based haunting Darta Hoon is an interesting composition. Vocals of Rushk makes it more interesting. ('m on loop). Last one - Hey Wallah - a trance, is something that I still am figuring out what it is. ;) 

Compared to the first film in this franchise, Arko Mukherjee composed Jism 2, pales in terms of mysterious, seductive tracks that first part had. This is 'bhatt'ified album that could only work well within the movie, barring the first track. 

My Picks : Abhi Abhi, Darta Hoon

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  1. Anonymous18:46

    u think maula was chaos man get every Person is liking that song u dont have any atste of music go to youtube and see the comments every1 is kliing the song fuck u

  2. Anonymous17:35

    Shut up @anonymouse 18:46

  3. Anonymous10:42

    Dartha hoon is softrock based?!! LOL Dnt u evn knw the diff bw Softrock nd progressive metal..nd dey r vastly different!!

  4. Seriously...the reviewer should stop writing about music with such pathetic knowledge and taste about it...!!!

  5. Anonymous00:09


  6. Anonymous17:47

    folish dont have sense these reviewer


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