Vicky Donor : Music Review

Rokda has likeable tune with chorus singing 'yeh khada, woh khada'. Akshay Verma's words are fun. So his singing too, with always dependable Aditi Singh Sharma. She charms you again in next track Kho Jaane Do, alongwith Clinton Cerejo. Lovely 'pop'ish track with continued strings. Rum Whisky by Akshay Verma is absolutely addictive, the way it changes into trance mode at last minute, is fabulous. 

Oh - look whose next in the credits - Ayushmann ! Yes, the lovely punjabi Pani Da Rang is sung by him, almost flawless. Sukanya Purkayastha's version is kinda haunting - still makes it superb listen. Somewhere it reminds me of Iktara. Dont know why. Next Mar Jayian sung by Vishal Dadlani and Sunidhi is instant reminiscent of Anjana Anjani. Even it changes into semi-sufi just like Tujhe Bhula Diya. Did not liked this that much. It repeats as a 'sad' version, doesn't work either. The Sperm song - Chaddha, is yet another "Mika" song. Funny, but not effective. 

As a comedy flick, did not expect the soundtrack to be so good. Would be interesting to hear more from the composer duo Abhishek-Akshay.

My Picks : Kho Jaane Do, Pani Da rang


  1. Fatz22:27

    Pani Da Rang ♥ sigh! Just wow. Best song of the year for me, thus far.

  2. i love it!! jus ossum!!!! my choice for song of the year!

  3. Shreeja18:03

    lovely song...:) there is something great about it.. iam not sure wat.. but i love it!

  4. u reallly rocks .....felt nice to ears,,nice tunes thru guitar.....


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