Tezz : Music Review

Tere Bina is yet another track of RFAK genre, works as it should, average stuff - but seriously, this trend needs to be stopped, too many such songs around that can be interchanged in any movie that features the same. Album features a Sad version and a female version of the song. Duh. Similarly, a Mohit Chauhan song is a must. Main Hoon Shab - though is a better experience. A semi-sufi kinda sound-sounds good. But that's it. The album is a tacky experience afterwards. Laila and Tezz are in the album just because makers required an item song and a title song. Absolutely outdated tunes and tacky lyrics. What a waste of Sunidhi and Shaan !!

So there, Sajid-Wajid's Tezz - has blunt edge when it comes to music part, not surprised I am.

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  1. Stupid movie. They are portraying Indians as spreading terrorism in foreign countries same as Pakistanis. This movie should be banned. The script is also illogical.Most of the times the police is chasing bombers without worrying about the passengers in train. Further the bombers are trying hard to save themselves from police when only one phone call to stop police action or else they will blow the bomb could have done.


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