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'Its all in the mind' sounds like it has came straight from a video game. Dash of disco sounds nice though. New voice for angrezi song in bollywood Rachel Varghese. Nice. And talking about regular voice in such songs, Caralisa Monterio has this LOTR like theme piece-passable. Trying to be 'tapori-casual', Kya Dekh Raha Hai bey has some interesting lyrics, but screeches. Though Imaad Shah and Suman Shridhar's singing is not that bad. Psycho Baba-by Imaad Shah is a situational piece, average one. My favorites are Aisa Hi hai and Chal Soch Le - both [again] sung by Imaad Shah. Lyrics of both songs makes fun listening. While Aisa Hi Hai is leisurely paced unplugged version, on the other hand Chal Soch le is faster and has some lines that has breathless singing. Fun.

Not that great, but different. U may or may not like it. Aapki Marzi. But I would like to hear Imaad singing more songs.


  1. Funny title for a movie...

  2. Based in your post on this movie, like the name of the movie is different not movie at all. Its looking as same as past movies in bollywood.


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